23 October 2009


Remeber Kat's Workshop? I came up to the blog of The (Un)Experienced Mom and her post about how motherhood is changing us.
Her last point was about relationships.

This leads me to this post...

When I met my now husband I finally stopped going out alone. I'm very old-fashioned with this stuff. Sure, I meet some of my girls for a dring or the movies, but that's it.
And, I think you know that as well, when you're having a relationship you have less time to go out. You just enjoy the time together with your new love.
Some people don't understand this. And they even don't accept or respect it. Some of my girls got envy and then, when they knew it was for real, they became bitchy. So I just quit some friendships. Why should I call someone a friend if he/she isn't happy for me?
And then I got pregnant. It was, well, a bit surprisingly but I was happy!
Again, some of the girls got bitchy and envy and whatever. Yes, girls can be funny with that kind of stuff... Now, that I'm a mommy I do not have much time for going out. There are good friends, with no kids but we are still friends and we enjoy the little time together. Seeing each other once in a month is very ok for them. And then there are some no kids friends which cannot understand that there are more important things in my life now.
I think that I will quit the relationship with them because it's not worth any minute.

But you know what? Those people aren't the worst.
The worst are people which got parents some months/years first and so they seem to be better parents and try to change your style of education, telling you you doing wrong or whatever.
Well, I just kicked their sporty butts!

What are your experiences with relation-/friendships while parenthood?

{Sorry that I am not articulate. I need to learn much more about this. For this reason I do write this blog. Of course, it would sound better in German but I need some challenge...
Thanks for your understanding!}

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