26 February 2010

5QF - 02/26/10

Oh, it's Friday again. The week flew by quite fast, don't you think? But I'm glad the weekend's here. D will have a trial-sleep-over at my in-laws and we're going out with some friends tomorrow night. I'm so looking forward to it and hope that D will sleep well...

Now, time for Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday: My Little Life
Join in! It's always fun :-)

1. Do you sing karaoke? If so, what is your go to song?
> I love singing. But I don't sing karaoke, just twice a year at a friend's party on PS2. I feel quite uncomfortable standing in front of foreigners and perform a song. I'd prefer singing at home, just for myself...

2. What is your favorite coffee drink?
> Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha, l-free, no cream. Nothing better... Damn, I want one. Now! ;-)

3. If you could choose your own name, what would it be?
> Zoe. Or Sophia. Or Joyce. These are the names that I really like...

4. Were you ever bullied?
> Yes. More often than I wished to... Too often I think. Not now. I'm strong and a different person now so I guess that won't happen to me again. I hope so!

5. How often do you eat fast food?
> You mean, real fast food? Like KFC and Burger stuff and so on? Maximum 3 times a month. I'd rather cook or grab a take-away at an Italian or Chinese restaurant. But I won't call this fast food coz the nutrition is different (and I'm full up afterwards...).

Enjoy your weekend and have fun! :-)

TTMMD: Friday - 02/26/10 -

You wanna know what's my favorite song? Giovanni feat. Ross "I can't dance alone"
I love it. It's fun and well, you just wanna dance with them. Their voices are pure harmony and mix of English and Italian is fabulous :-)

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

TTMMD: Thursday - 02/25/10 -

Remember, if you’re headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns!

I really love this quote. It's something we just forget sometimes and keep on going, pretending we do not have any other choices. But that's not true. So I totally agree with Allison Gappa Bottke...

25 February 2010

Writer's Workshop - Brea's problem

OK it's late now and uhm I really want to play SIMS now but I'm going to join in the Writer's Workshop first. It's hosted by Mama Kat and you'll find this week's prompts here.
Join in :-)

This week, it's a very tough decision. I suspended last week coz I got no inspiration :-(
But I think No.2 is the right thing for today...

Brea has a problem with an anonymous something telling her that she shouldn't post about her kid and show picture and so on. Well, isn't that what blogging is about?
But back to the problem: I experienced those blog stalker (I don't know what to call them...) with some wedding blogs. And with my wedding blog. I put up a wedding blog to keep our friends and relatives up-to-date with the planning. Blogging about wedding stuff was great and I read sooo many other wedding blogs and this was awesome. I even did a diary blog about D. Until I received an anonymous comment on my wedding blog. And I found out who it was and why.
It was someone my hubby knew many years before we met. I don't know how she found our blog but well, she did. And she was jealous. She wanted to pair her best friend off with hubby - and he put her down. She wanted to crash our wedding and put some bad stuff on us.
This was the moment that I closed the blogs down, privatized the wedding and D.'s blog. And this was the best decision I could've made.
But I wanted to talk about my motherhood and D. and my life. So I put up this incognito profile, no pics, no full names, no cities. Just to protect my privacy!

Some of those other brides-to-be told the world everything, all details. Date and Time of the wedding, which church and which pastor they chose, where the reception will take place. And to be honest: I was surprised that they hadn't any wedding crashers...

So think about what you reveal and what you want the world to know. If you're too open you shouldn't be surprised if you'll get a blog stalker at all...

Brea, I hope I could help you... Hope your stalker will give up soon!

Enjoy your night! :-)

23 February 2010


Somewhen today, my tongue felt quite funny. I couldn't describe how but it felt unnormal. That night, after dinner, it felt furry. Yes. Just out of the blue. I was a bit concerned coz I was ill quite often and I don't want to see my doctor again. He'd think I'm a stalker or something like that. But a furry tongue isn't a good sign, don't you think?
So I looked it up in the net. Thank God for the internet, I'd be lost without it…
On some hits they said it's because of antibiotics or allergies or vitamin deficiency. And there were a lot of other frightening illnesses like diabetes and stroke. I don't wanna think about this things so I first thought it's still because of the antibiotics. But it's a week now since I took the last tablet so it's unlikely. And then, I couldn't remember when I ate an apple or other fruits or fresh vegetables. When I told hubby that I think to have a vitamin deficiency he was laughing and told me that this couldn't happen to us. I told him that I didn't eat fruits or vegetables for a very long time. Just toast, raspberry jam, noodles and meat. Well, there are not enough vitamins to stay healthy…
Now, I don't wonder of being ill so often anymore. I decided to eat more oranges and apples and papricas and other healthy, full of vitamin food. This is good for my figure, too.
I will cook more often and get back to my "Metabolic Balance" a bit. At this time, I wasn't ill at all. I was just aggressive because I wasn't allowed to eat enough *gg*

As they say: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" (and probably a furry tongue as well…)

Have a nice day!

Things That Make YOUR Day - 02/23/10 -

Well, maybe you remember that I want to put up a new carnival on Tuesday? And you know that I do have my TTMMD (Things That Make My Day) on Thursday and Friday?

Every Tuesday, you have the chance to tell me TTMYD - Things That Make Your Day. No matter if it's a kid's thing, that you got some flowers out of the blue or win the lottery - I'm sure there are some things or even one thing that makes your day!

I will put this thing up weekly and hope you'll join in :-)

So I'm going to start today:
My day makes D. He did his first real steps alone. I'm soooo proud and glad that he walks now, even just for some steps.
And even the weather makes my day. It's hopefully getting spring. It's warm (11°C/52°F) and the air smells like spring, like flowers blooming and like trees getting green again.

Now, it's your turn - what makes your day?

MckLinky Blog Hop

21 February 2010

The Question

Yes, a Sunday post *shock* Uhm, hubby's still sleeping as though he needed to work at night and I'm a little bored. So I thought I'll post a bit...

And there's one question I wanna talk about. One question which really needles me. One question I get asked more often than "How do you do?". This one question get me down. And this one question infringe on my privacy.
What question? You really wanna know?
It's: "When will D get a sibling?" Or: "When will you get pregnangt again?" Or: "Already planning the second?" And the best version: "When will your second kid be born?"

Oh, this annoys me so much. I feel really annoyed when I hear that sort of question. I'd never do that. Never. I think it's the decision of the parents. I'm not allowed to put pressure on them. That's no concern of mine.
And yes, I do expect the same respect from others. They'll tell me when they got pregnant or if they plan another one or whatever.

So whenever someone asks this question I do react like this: "Another one? Hell, no! One is stressy enough and I don't feel like getting through this all again. We will have an only child. Really, we will!"
Reactions? Shock! And this is what I want. This reaction points out that they never ask again.
We told our parents and our very best friends that we're planning to get pregnant again this year. Nothing more. They need to wait, too. I don't want any pressure from others asking if I'm already pregnant. I want to have fun planning the second kid. Not thinking I'm on duty, if you know what I mean.

Any other experiences on this thing?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

19 February 2010

TTMMD: Friday - 02/19/10 -

Friday - Time for a nice song:
STANFOUR - "Wishing You Well"

Have a wonderful weekend!

5QF - 02/19/2010

I'm going to join in Mama M.'s 5QF - never miss this thing. Hop over and join in as well :-)

My Little Life

1. Have you ever hit an animal with your vehicle?
> Uhm. No. I never did. Really, I'm honest, I never did. And I really hope I never will...

2. When you see a string on your clothes do you pull it off or cut if off?
> Uhm I always try to pull it off but either I'm too weak or the string gets longer. So I'm ending up to cut it off.

3. Did you have your own room or share a room when you were young?
> I had my own room. As I do have a younger brother it was quite good having my own room. I never wanted to share his messy-like room. And he snores quite loud and so on. No, having my own room was obligation.

4. Would you rather wear the same thing for the rest of your life or eat the same thing for the rest of your life?
> Better wear the same thing, if I'm allowed to wash it from time to time. Cannot imagine to eat pizza til the end of my life...

5. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
> "Sesame Street". And "Die Sendung mit der Maus".

Good Night!

Streusel Cake

Hi there!
Sorry for the few posts this week. It has a cause: remember I told you I have bronchitis? My doc gave me some antibiotics and surprisingly I bore quite good with it. Yes, I thought I bore good with it. Tuesday afternoon, I took the last antibiotic tablet and on Thursday morning, I looked like a Streusel Cake. You know, red pustules all over the body, it's itchy and ugly. So Thursday morning, I had an appointment for gastroscopy first (ending up that they luckily found nothing). So when I woke up and take a shower I noticed the rash for the first time. And it was really horrible.
Nevertheless, I went to that gastroscopy thing. After I woke up and was finished there hubby took me to my GP for showing him the rash and ask if it's because of the antibiotics. Well, he told me that the rash is a side effect and prescribed me a salve.
I cannot sit quite well and despite putting the salve all over my body the rash is still itchy and I feel very uncomfortable. My doc told me that it'll be gone within the next few days, when my body is "clean" again. So hopefully I'll be back wealthy by Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

17 February 2010

Fasnet 2010

Sorry for not posting the last two days. I was busy and yesterday, I was at an event. A Fasnet event.
It was hosted by my parents and some members of my brother's Fasnet club came over, wearing their Häs (kind of costume), to celebrate the end of the Fasnet. On their last day, they are wandering around the city and visiting all those kiddy carnival events. As said, they started at my parent's with some sausages and bread, beer, whisky cola and sparkling wine. I'm really not one of those carnival type of girl but as I know nearly all of this club I decided to come over with D. So we headed there and about 11:30 am the first bunch showed up.
They put up some party music and then we hang around, eating and drinking and talking. It was so much fun. Even D had fun. The club's costume is a wolf and he likes their masks and always did those "wau wau" (his word for dog) sounds, he danced coz he loves music and it was so nice seeing him that happy. Even the sun was shining, no snowing that day :-)
At about 2:30 pm they left for their tour de city.

We enjoyed the time very much and will be there next year again. And next year, D is old enough to join in those kiddy carnival events, too. I'm really looking forward and stay excited what kind of costume he'll choose then...

Have a happy day!

14 February 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza - 10 Things I Love About Hubby

Happy Valentine's Day out there!

We just came back from our Valentine's dinner which is our Engagement Anniversary as well. We went to an elegant Italian restaurant and had a wonderful time. I did enjoy my really tasty tomato soup, the delicious self-made spaghetti with black truffles and a yummy pana cotta for dessert...


Before I'll go to bed I'm going to join in Mama M.'s last day of Valentine's Extravaganza and telling you ten things I love about my wonderful hubby <3

I love about hubby that
... he's a gentleman and opens doors for me or helps me with my jacket
... he still finds me attractive and sexy after the pregnancy (gaining about 22lbs which I still carry with me)
... he can handle my temper
... he's picking up fresh buns at the bakery on Sunday morning
... he helps me with the household
... he does diaper changing, too
... he's going to work and doing overtime so I can stay at home
... he is able to accept and live with the experiences I'd made in the past
... does quite well with my family
... he loves me for what I am

Enjoy your Valentine's Day like I did and be thankful for the one who loves you unconditionally...

12 February 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza - 5QF

Friday is time for Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday and today with love-ly question. Join in :-)

Photobucket My Little Life

Let's get started:

1. What is the one thing your love does for you that you can't live without?
> Vacuuming *gg* Really, this is what I hate. But seriously, he does everything for me so I cannot live without him. I mean it!

2. When did you know your love was "the one"?
> After about 3 months. Yes, very early. But I kissed too much frogs and just knew he's different and longlasting.

3. Does your love have a special ringtone on your cell?
> No. Unfotunately not. I have a very very very old cell and so there's no special ringtone for anybody.

4. What are you attracted to most in your special someone?
> His upper part of the body. Very male. And well, maybe his eyes, too... :-)

5. Did you know when/where he/she was going to pop the big question?
> I had no idea! The date he did it (Valentine's Day) was too obvious for me so I didn't expect him to propose this day.

Fun as always!

TTMMD: Friday - 02/12/10 -

This is my 100th post! Yay! :-))

Today, I'm going to post a love song. This is a German band and a German song - one of my favorite songs. It's about a compliment and the singer tells his girlfriend what she means to him.

I will try to translate it (so that you get a clue what they're singing about):

If saying so
You're the destination of a long journey
You're the perfection in it's best way
Silent in quiet moments
The head of the wave of enthusiasm
Uphill, my drive and verve

I just wanted to tell you
That you are the greatest gift to me
And make sure that you feel the same for me

If saying so
You are my chill-out area
My holidays in every year
The sweetie section at the supermarket
The solution when I got stuck
So precious that I'd rather save it
So beautiful that I won't turn you down

(I really hope that makes sense to you, it's a bit fancy in German as well...)

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Valentine's Day! :-)

Valentine's Extravaganza - Romantic Screw Up

Mama M. was asking about the most romantic screw up our hubby did for us, as part of her Valentine's Extravaganza.


Well, I gotta be honest, I thought about skipping this thing. But I want to do it completely so I'd join in either. You won't here a good story to envy you. No rose petals on the bed. No candles. No romantic stuff which you can call romantic. I'm sure the most romantic thing he'd ever planned and did was his proposal. Really, I mean it. But that's OK for me. We had some so romantic moments which weren't prepared.
I want to tell you about one thing: his best friend's wife's grand-ma is living in Hungary, near Budapest. They visited her very often and asked if we would like to come with them for some days. Renting a nice car and driving to Budapest, seeing Granny and having a nice time. It was a great idea. So Ghandi (his best friend, not his real name, I call him this coz with his glasses he looks like Ghandi) and his family had one car and hubby and me another. At this time, we were a couple for about 3 months. We stayed at a hotel and Ghandi's family stayed with Granny. One night, we went to Budapest and visited Budapest by night. We got to the Gellért Hill and well, it was just the two of us. It was quiet, not crowded anymore and he embraced me and we stood there - it was really, really romantic (and would have been a nice moment to propose *gg*).
So I think that was one of the most romantic moments we've had so far...

11 February 2010

TTMMD: Thursday - 02/11/2010 -

As this is called "The Love Week" I will give you a nice quote about love today. It's one of my favorite love quotes and was said by Rosemonde Gérard.

"For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow"


Wishing you a lovely day!

Writer's Workshop - Poem Of Love

Yes, Thursday, and it's time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Check out the prompts and join in!

Today, I chose No. 5 - Write a poem to your love for Valentine's Day!
I wrote it in German, hope that counts as well...

>>Es war, als ich Dich zum ersten Mal sah
Als es um mich geschah
Du hast mein Herz genommen
Da hat mein Leben einen Sinn bekommen
Du stärkst meinen Rücken, hältst meine Hand
Schaust auch über den Tellerrand
Dass Du mir jeden Tag soviel gibst
Zeigt mir, wie sehr Du mich liebst
Du bist mein geliebter Ehemann
Den Besten, den ich mir wünschen kann
Ich liebe Dich von ganzem Herzen
Da neige ich nicht zu Scherzen
Danke, dass es Dich für mich gibt
Es ist schön zu wissen, dass man liebt<< © by

Valentine's Extravaganza - Fav Wedding Memory

This, again, is part of Mama M.'s Valentine's Extravaganza and she wants to know about our favorite wedding memories.


To me, it was the ceremony. Especially, when the pastor married us... It was the most overwhelming moment in my life (except giving birth) and it was like a dream coming true.
The ceremony was a very classic one coz we had a traditional (German) wedding. Our pastor is really cool and he did the service so wonderful, romantic and funny. We had the most wonderful singer around who I knew from my past singing in a choir - I totally adore her voice! After the marriage she performed "Das Beste" for us - this was the moment I started to cry...

I try to translate the refrain of this song for you:
>You're the best thing that ever happened to me
You make me feel so good
When you're around
I forget the rest of the world
You're the best thing that ever happened to me
It feels so good that you love me
I don't tell you frequently enough
Thank you for being there>

The rest of the day was really great, too but this is my favorite memory. As said, it was just overwhelming...

- If you would like to know more about German weddings, let me know and I will do a post about this. -

Have a nice day! :-)

10 February 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza - How I Got Engaged

So, I'm sure you remember Mama M.'s Valentine's Extravaganza. It's time for the engagement story :-)


So yesterday I told you about our third date. It was the 14 August 2008 when we got a couple officially. At Christmas the same year, we spoke about getting married for the first time. We knew after a very short time that we are made for each other. And hell, we won't get younger... I was 26 and him 33 so it was time to go the whole hog ;-)
We were flying to Barcelona over New Year's Eve which we spent at the hotel room coz of food poisoning - very romantic though. But well, I think it was like a tryout. So as we were lying in bed, sleeping and puking by turns, we tried to take care as much as possible for each other. And we talked again about getting married if we pass the tryout - which we totally did- and decided to get married.
When we were home then I wasn't that sure anymore if he was really serious. So we talked about it again and he said that he wants to do a real proposal and is already planning it. Gladly, I told him that I would like to get married in summer and that I'd need half a year minimum for planning.
On Valentine's Day in 2008, we were a couple for exact 6 months now, he said he reserved a table in a nice restaurant. He didn't tell me what restaurant, only that I need to dress up solemnly. The restaurant he had chosen was a nice and elegant Italian one, at the foot of the television tower. It was really nice. Again, we were talking about the marriage stuff and I said that I won't start planning the wedding until I got the proposal and he said that he wanted to get married that year and I said I wanted to start planning and blablabla...
So after dinner, he wanted to get up the television tower. It was a veeery cold night and I wasn't prepared for that. But well, he wanted to get up and I said OK. Totally blonde, I didn't get this hint!
There were few couples standing up there and the wind was cold and it was so foggy. It could have been very romantic but the fog ruined it all. So he was embracing me and after a while he said: "Babe, uhm.... can I get a kiss?" So we kissed, still embraced. Then: "Babe, uhm.... would you like to marry me?"
Then everything made sense... I looked in his eyes, he was nearly crying and I didn't expect him to ask me that day. I was crying, too and all I could say is "Yes, I do.". So we kissed and then he broke out the jewel case and presented me the ring. He had this caseket in his trouser's pocket the whole night and I didn't notice it.
The ring was very simple, white gold with just one bling. Wonderful! (In Germany, it isn't usual to get a bling ring like in the USA. Usually it's a simple silver ring which both are choosing so that they both wear an engagement ring...)

So this was how I got engaged and every Valentine's Day we keep the tradition of having dinner in that restaurant and afterwards go up on the television tower :-)

09 February 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza - Best Date Ever

Let's get on with our story! Today, I'm going to tell you about my best date ever. It was, of course, with hubby...
As I couldn't choose if Date One or Date Three was the best I'll tell you from both - as short as possible ;-) (Date Two was just a normal date...)

Let's start in chronological order with Date One:
It was a Friday, just a week after we met for the first time in real life. He picked me up, with his black Benz. I was deeply impressed - not because of his nice car - no, I was impressed that he suggested to pick me up. I wasn't used to this. Never ever did a guy pick me up for a date, those losers...
So we went out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. Both of us were quite shy and so we started with the usual small talk about job and weather and stuff. That night, the annual city festival was up and so we went for a walk through the crouded fair. And as I didn't want to lose him I took his hand - ha very practical, don't you think? After walking a while hand in hand - so that we won't lose each other *gg* - we decided to get some cocktails at a bar. And well we sat there talking for hours and enjoyed every minute. When walking back to the car he took my hand although there was no croud anymore - and the billions of butterflies got crazy in my stomach....
*sigh* This was soooo wonderful!

Getting on to Date Three:
Again, he picked me up. This time it was a Tuesday, 11 days after our first date. We went to a beer garden for having diner where we met some of his friends. After finishing our diner we went to another crouded city festival, just an other city this time. We had a beer and just walked through the fair. We met some other friends and a girl was just straight and asked him if I was his new girlfriend. He said yes. I was amazed coz we didn't talk about this before, you know, if we are already an official couple or just dating to get to known to each other better.
When we made our way to the car, just the two of us, I asked him: "So, I'm your girlfriend now, am I?" and he smiled his smile at me: "Yes! Uhm... I hope so..." (he hesitated if I'd be with him...) and I smiled at him, saying: "OK! I like it..." This was the moment he layed his arm around my shoulder and we kept on walking arm in arm.... *sigh*

Yes, those are my favorite dates ever! Ah, my butterflies are back :-)

Photobucket" />

This is part of Mama M.'s Valentine's Extravaganza! Check it out and join in...

08 February 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza - How I Met Hubby

Good morning, world! Hope your weekend was great and you enjoyed the time with your family around. I did, although I'm still having this shitty bronchitis and the coughing is quite nerveracking by now - after a week. And I do have an appointment at the dentist, just checking, but I don't like going to the dentist...

So this week I will post daily! :-) Yes, just because of Mama M.'s fantastic new idea: a week of love stories which she named "Valentine's Extravaganza". You can read all about it here and join in to share your stories, too.


She started yesterday with "How you met the love of your life". As I don't blog on weekends I'll join in this thing now. Stay tuned for the rest of our story :-)

Well, hubby and I met in a bar, the first time in real life, end of July 2007. But it all started some weeks earlier...
His then best friend - let's call her Beastie (not Bestie) - was a friend of mine, too. We met through a mate and Beastie and I got along well. Somewhen, she mentioned her very best friend and that he is quite a handsome and very nice man. From this day on, she talked about him every day! We were members of an internet community and so was he. Beastie and I sent each other some entries to our online guestbook and so he noticed me for the first time.
He was looking at my profile and asked Beastie who I am. Then she told me about this and started to talk about him even more. Hubby and I started to write emails and were chatting whenever both of us were online. We enjoyed it very much and there was a strong connection between us.
Beastie slobbered over him every time I met her. I thought that she's going to pair us off. I didn't mind either coz he really seemed to be nice.
Somewhen, Beastie and I were at the movies and after the movie she had the idea to ask what he's doing. He told her that he's in a bar with some friends. We decided to hop over to get a beer with them. I was kind of nervous but excited to meet him in real life...
When we entered the bar I saw him straight away. The bar was very crouded but he was really handsome. Beastie and him greated each other then it was my turn :-)
OK long story short, this was the first time I met him in real life and the connection in real life was as strong as online. We had quite a good time and so he asked me for a date. I was totally amazed and well, that was the beginning of our story...!

{I've got to say, Beastie isn't part of our life anymore. She wanted to tear us apart although she put us together. After hubby and I dated and it was getting serious she couldn't handle that anymore. It turned out that she was in love with him for the past few years but he turned her down. To him, she was a good friend but nothing more. As she forced him to choose between her and me, he chose me because that isn't what best friends do. Even some months later, she couldn't cope with it and was talking shit about hubby and me - acting like a dumb teenie although being nearly 30... }

05 February 2010

5QF - 02/05/10

Yay it's Friday and this means it's time for fun: Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday! :-) Hop over and join in...

My Little Life

Here we go again:

1. What are you most afraid of?
> Actually, I'm afraid that D is getting ill seriously. And that hubby and D will die. This would be my sentence to death as well. I really mean it! Losing both of them would be killing me... I'd struggle even if hubby would leave me coz of someone else.

2. Do you use a flat iron or curling iron?
> Do you know what I first thought when reading it: how could you get you laundry smooth with a curling iron??? *gg* Yes, you're aloud to laugh!
Beside my electric iron I don't use any other irons. I don't need it, it would be totally useless. My hair is thick and heavy and stick-straight so curls wouldn't last long ;-)

3. Hands-free or phone to the ear?
> Cell to ear... Always. I tried those headphones and stuff - ah phone to the ear and that's it ;-)

4. Do you have a matching bedroom set?
> Yes. Dark brown and white. A big bed with bedside table, a closet and a dresser. Love it!

5. Do you believe in the paranormal?
> Uhm.... No. Maybe yes.... I believe that everyone has a guardian angel. But I don't believe in ghosts or seeresses or stuff. I think I'm just too demoralized (hope this is the right word for it....) for stuff like that.

Fun again :-)

TTMMD: Friday - 02/05/10 -

Today I chose a song from the 90's. I love 90's music and D does, too. We often here some samplers and he dances then. This is soooo cute :-)

This is one of D's and mine favorite songs: "United" by Marky Mark feat. Prince Ital Joe

Hope you enjoy this song as well and have a wonderful weekend!

04 February 2010

TTMMD: Thursday - 02/04/10 -

Today it's another Thursday and time for a lovely quote.
I chose one about family and family love....

>>The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works is the family<<

This was said by business-man Lee Iacocca.

Have a nice day! :-)

Writer's Workshop - 02/04/10

Yay, Thursday, time again for Mama Kat's Workshop. Hop over to get the prompts and join in this fun :-)

This week it was a hard decision again. But well, I decided to choose No.5:
List 10 things you never knew until you were mom

1. Diaper changing stinks. And the content of the diaper really stinks! Awful…
2. Either you're ill you have to "work"
3. You get reduced to diaper changing, feeding and cleaning
4. People (without kids) think you lost your brain when giving birth and treat you like you're dumb
5. Raising kids is a competition (oh my little one says this word and is already walking etc.)
6. Getting a drool-y kiss is so much appreciated
7. You can get worried to death for another person
8. Kids really kill cosy togetherness
9. The simplest thing (e.g. clothes-pins) is the best toy
10. Your heart could burst from love when you're toddler's snuggling and smiles at you

How about you?

03 February 2010

I'm walking...

Theoretically, I'm ill. Theoretically, I should be lying in bed, reading, watching TV. I was coughing the whole night so I decided to see my doctor this morning. He told me I got bronchitis and he wanted me to stay home from work this week. I really needed to laugh. When you go to work (without having kids) you stay at home, lay in bed and sleep. When you have kids and you are a SAHM there's no illness, you need to work.

So as D brought me my shoe he wanted to tell me to go for a walk. Good. We got ready and went for a walk. Today is a very cloudy day but D is always happy and smiling. Really, he's sitting in his stroller and is laughing and babbling and send out smiles to anybody.
While we were walking and I thought about how nice it would be sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea an elderly lady came along. And, of course, D smiled at her. The elderly lady was amazed! She stopped walking - and forced me to stop, too - and does what I do really hate: "Ooohh, what a sweeeeeet little boy. Isn't he sweet? Oh and you are smiling. {looking at me} Look, he's smiling! (as I wouldn't know that...) {looking at D and back at me} Take a look, how sweet he's smiling...." Then I couldn't stand my fake smile and kept on walking. Just like that...
Why do elderly ladies always do that? I just wanted to go for a walk with my son. No small talk. No smiling. Just walking. This always happens....
I know, babies are cuties and it's genetic with women to look at kids. Look but not talking to and about them like mother and child were dump!

I really hope never to get like this...

02 February 2010

D's Birth Story

Mama M. is the host for this Blog-Hop-Thingy :-) Wanna tell the birth story/stories you've experienced? Hop over and join in!

Oh my, do you really want me to go back to this day? To be honest, it wasn't the most wonderful day in my life… I know, it could have been worse but for me, it was bad enough…
BTW: I needed to look up all those specific words and I really did my best to re-tell this story - please forgive me if I expressed myself badly or used the wrong word (and I would appreciate it if you'd tell me then…). Thanks for your understanding!

The estimated date of birth was the 3rd November 2008. 3 weeks before, the contractions began. Well, no real contractions but kind of. It was always the same procedure: contractions every 15-20 mins during the first hour, then contractions every 10 mins, after two hours and a half - nothing. They stopped. In the end, this happened twice a day. So I needed to see my gyn at the date of birth which was a Monday. The CTG showed no contractions, as expected. I told the gyn that I don't want to wait longer, that I'm tired of the last weeks with those fake labor stuff and that he should give me a fix date to get the baby. He agreed and told me I should wait until Friday. He adviced me to call my midwife and tell her that they will induce the birth if D didn't want to come out on his own.
The place of birth I chose was no regular hospital. It's a gynecological clinic and I was born there as well. My gyn is an attending doctor there and so he would there when I'd give birth. So is the midwife. I could choose between 25 midwifes who work there and if you call them, they will be just there for you. No change of shifts as it is used to in hospitals. Your midwife's job starts when you arrive and ends when everything's over. I like this concept.
On Friday, 7th November 2008, at 8 am we arrived at the clinic. They did a CTG and asked me some questions, hubby registered my arrival at the information and a nurse put a catheter on the back of my hand. At 9 am they induced for the first time. Then we visited my room and moved in, went for a walk and got to the delivery room for examination every two hours. I didn't have any contractions. At 3 pm they induced once more. And yes, then the contractions came up. We went for a walk and at 5:30 pm we went back to the delivery room. This was when they told me I could stay. The contractions where OK now and they did some examinations. My cervix was just about 3 cm open, not as much as it should've been. My midwife told me to do some exercise I learned at the ante-natal preparation. Time passed by...
Then, as I went to the toilet, my water broke. I was so glad coz that meant that the birth will start soon. It was about 8 pm and I was tired, all I wanted is that my baby gets out of my belly…!
They did a epidural anesthesia against the pain. I wanted that and I was soooo glad I had it. I had lost all my sense of time. All I knew that they told me somewhen that the baby got the right position and that I should get ready. Oh how ready was I! And I pushed and pushed and pushed. Nothing happens. My circulation broke nearly down as the head was nearly out. They gave me some oxygen and the doc (unfortunately not mine) layed on my belly to help me pushing it out, the midwife looked after the baby's head, hubby holded my hand… It was horrible…
After 15 hours in the clinic, D was born at 11:14 pm. It was quite hard and I was so done but veeeeery happy! He was soooo sweet and tiny… Just 50cm and 2990 gr…
Well, he grew fast so no need to worry - and I love him more each day!

I put it shorter because, as mentioned, it's not easy to express myself at this topic in a foreign language. But the most important moments are mentioned…
(If you want me to publish my birth story in German, let me know.)


My mornings are soooo boring, relating to blogging. There are veeeery few bloggers round here during my morning. When it's afternoon there are more and in the evening I got many stuff to read through.
It's logical, different time zones and I'm 6 to 9 hours earlier awake than the US-blogger-fraction. Sometimes I really try to put up my daily post. But sometimes, like yesterday or today, I'm lack of creativity. So today I cleaned the apartment. This afternoon, it's grandparents day and I have some hours free. Hubby is at work and I don't know yet what to do that afternoon. Maybe I'll go to a baby shop or register D at the playschool (it's called Kindergarten here and it's for kids between 3 and 6 yrs, before they go to school) or go shopping or visit a second-hand-shop to sell my old clothes (which I never ever will be able to wear again) or just stay at home and sleep. But that would be stupid...
I think I go shopping and register D at the "Kindergarten". Sounds good, don't it?

Wishing you a wonderful day!

01 February 2010

Not Me! Monday - 02/01/10 (first time)

Yes, unbelievable, but it's my first time I join in MckMama's carnival.

Here we go:
> It was not me who was lying in bed the whole Friday and Saturday. And of course, it was not me who bursted into tears every 30 minutes on Saturday, out of the sudden. It wasn't me who didn't sleep last week, I didn't lay awake every night.
And in no way, it was not me who was drunk of 2 glasses of red wine on that 40's birthday party we were invited to. So, it wasn't me either who was glad that D was staying with his grandparents the whole Sunday. Hubby and I didn't spend our Sunday on the couch watching soccer and get asleep. <

Hope this was right and I really don't know why I haven't joined in earlier. It's fun and really, there's no guilt ;-)

Have a nice day!

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