09 October 2009

Trying To Introduce Myself

Well, what should I say.
I am in the late twenties, trying to be a good wife and mother. Yes, trying. What else can I do? I don't want to try to be perfect coz this would be stressing me out and perfection shouldn't be said in context with motherhood and marriage.
Being a good mom and wife is a very good aim and I'm hunting for this!

I am a bad housewive. I don't like ironing and cleaning. No, it's not messy, really not. I do clean up and stuff but I don't like it. I like cooking and baking but cleaning up the kitchen afterwards - urgh...

I met my husband in July 2007, got pregnant in February 2008, got married in September 2008 and gave birth in November 2008. Yes, we were fast. But I think it was meant to be.
Sometimes I do hesitate if I was ready getting a mom but I think I was.

I lived my young life as it should be, was drunk and party-ed whole nights through. I really did do my experiences and so did my now husband. So I was sure that I won't miss a thing.
Now being mommy I think there are still soooo much things I wanted to do.
That's why I chose this blog name: I am between being mommy and loving this job and between living life as a young wife and enjoy the time with my husband.

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  1. Hi Krysten,
    Great name for your blog, I found it really difficult to decide my blog name, No Longer 25, I felt like I was sort of in between too, growing out of the young partying girl but not quite ready to have a family yet.


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