31 December 2009

Writer's Workshop VII

It's time for another Writer's Workshop from Mama Kat.
Get here to read her prompt and to see the other prompts.
Once again, I chose No. 4: Write a letter to someone you received poor customer service from

(Well, it's not customer service figuratively but customer service in the broader sense...)

>>Dear Ballet Classique de Paris,
Mesdames, Messieurs de Ballet Classique de Paris,
yesterday, we visited your representation of Tschaikowsky's "Swan Lake". It was our first time watching a ballet performance like this. And our expectations were high.
I'm sorry to tell you that you didn't meet my exprectations. And I'm going to tell you why not:
First, your "Prince" was the very opposite of what you call a handsome, talented and well prepared ballet dancer. As this is the male leading role in this play I would have chosen the "Harlekin" for this role. He was handsome and well, he did the better job! Oh and he really looked like he haven't seen a shower for years (don't tell me it was hair gel, it wasn't!) and was drunk.
Second, your Primaballerina playing the wonderful swan was wonderful. She really was. But her mimic showed her arrogance and that she needed to concentrate very much.
Third, I have never seen such an non-synchronal performance. This is what dispointed me very bad. It always seemed like they haven't danced this play together before. The girls corps was nice and they did a very good job most of the time. But all together was horrible. And this, Ladies and Gentlemen shouldn't happen! I've seen many performances yet but this was nearly the worst I've ever seen.
Maybe my expectations were too high for this representation but I really regret that I bought those tickets.
Wanna know what rescued my night? A wonderful Strawberry Colada at the piano bar and some good music!
I really hope that you will improve this play coz this isn't what I call professional.

Kind regards,

So Ladies and Gents out there - have a nice night and have fun! Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and succesful 2010!

29 December 2009


It's Tuesday. I try to enjoy my free afternoon but I can't. Yesterday, I hit my head on D's diaper changing board. I hit it quite hard. It started with headache and I couldn't sleep at night. Now my circulation is quite bad. I should clean our apartment but I don't feel like.
On Thursday, some friends will come over to celebrate the last night of 2009. So our apartment needs to be clean and we will be out of town tomorrow. So I better start this thing...

Sorry, for this short and confused post. That's just how I feel…
I'm wishing you a wonderful last night of 2009 and a great start in a successful and nice New Year!

Thank you for your comments and for letting me join in the www-mama-community! :-)

28 December 2009


The Christmas holidays are finally over. Hallelujah!
I'm sooooooo glad that they passed by now. And I'm totally exhausted. I want to sleep the whole day and just move from bed to couch to bed. Nothing else. I don't want to clean up or cook or visit any more people any more. I'm so done with people!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with just the three of us and it was wonderful. We had a nice dinner and got great gifts.
Christmas day, for us it's the first holiday, we were out for lunch with my dad's whole family. This means with his sister and her family. This is a traditions since decades which my grandma set up. After lunch we'll have coffee and cake either at my aunt's or my parents' house. D got presents again and stayed with my parents for the night.
The second holiday (Saturday) we could sleep in and then we cleaned up a bit and I did some ironing (I totally hate this job...). In the afternoon we picked D up and enjoyed the rest of the day.
Sunday, we visited the ILs. It was a nice afternoon until my hubby's godmother and her family came over, too. D's godfather's girlfriend (know who I mean?) is quite stressful and very dominant and always grabs D into her arm. Not asking if it'd be okay and regardless if D doesn't like it. I was glad that my ILs served dinner very soon and we were able to leave. D was so tired from crawling and crotchety. But she always forced (really, there's no other word for it) D to be on her lap or on his godfather's lap. And D just wanted to stay in his dad's arms and lay his head on his shoulder. So I was very happy when we got home.

And if this wasn't enough, we need to visit my hubby's godchild today. Damn, really, I'm so done.
Bed to couch to bed *dreaming*

Hope you had some nice Christmas days and have a wonderful start in a new - and btw last of 2009 - week!

22 December 2009

It's Christmas Time

Yes, it's Christmas time… Now, I found my Christmas cheer and I'm glad about that!
Once again, I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, eating a chocolate Santa and enjoy my night. My hubby went out with his guys and D is asleep. Yesterday, I finished most of my Christmas shopping. I just need something for the kids of my cousin which I'll buy tomorrow morning. Hopefully, there are not so many people…
Well, tomorrow it'll be a very calm day. We'll be making up our Christmas tree and cleaning the apartment.
On Thursday, we will visit my parents for exchanging gifts and then I will start cooking. I'm planning a 3-course-menu: First we will have Espresso-Salmon (cured) with creamed horeseradish and baguette. For the main course we'll have Kalbsbraten with Rotkraut and Spätzle. And for dessert I'll bake a chocolate cake. And we'll have sparkling wine with hibiscus flowers.
So we will celebrate Jesus' birth and have a very nice evening. I'm really thankful that we are able to have such a luxury diner and wonderful night. After dinner, we will sing some Christmas carols and unwrap our gifts.
My hubby and me gave us a Wii for Christmas present. So there will be nothing more for us. D will get a parking garage from us. I hope that he likes it… And well, we will see what other gifts there will be.

But well, the most important gift to me is the love of my two men and that we are healthy and having a warm apartment and stuff to eat.

How will you prepare yourself for Christmas Eve?

21 December 2009

TTMMD: Monday

Today, my Monday post of Things That Make Me Happy will be dropped out. My husband's already on holiday and he hates blogging and posting and all the internet stuff you turn your inside out. So I always post "secretly" means posting when he's not around...
When he's at work there's no prob though. But now I need wait for some right moments. Maybe I won't be here daily and there will be lack of posting. Hope you'll understand. I don't wanna annoy him. Not at Christmas.

As he's visiting his parents with D and I'm already home from shopping - which was horrible this afternoon - I take my time for doing this post.
My best friend and D's godmother is pregnant and will be second time mommy in May. And well, we decided to have a second kid as well and will try to get pregnant within the next year :-))

I try to write some posts and upload them in one of those right moments...

Have a wonderful week - just 3 days until Christmas :-))

18 December 2009


Yay this is what I'm waiting for the whole week: 5 Question Friday by Mama M. :-)
And today she picked one of my suggestions :-))
Today's questions can be found here!

Let's go!

1. Which boygroup did you like most in your teens?
> Take That! Definitely! I really loved them and still listen to their old songs :-)
(But I'm not a fan of the "hello, we're back coz we need money"-band)

2. Do you do Christmas cards, letters, photos, nuthin', all of the above?
> I did our Christmas cards myself and maybe we will do a Christmas photo for some Email-Xmas-Wishes...

3. If you could meet one celebrity who would it be and why?
> Puh... Good question... Let me think a bit...
... I still don't know...
Uhm maybe one of the Klitschko brothers, they're smart and interesting...
Really, there's no celeb I'd really like to meet.
So boring... *shock*

4. Favorite thing to cook with (i.e. stainless, non-stick, Dutch oven, microwave, debit card...or, perhaps, a cauldron, etc.)?
> Just a normal pot, for my tomato sauce. Or my wok. Cannot go for one thing...

5. What is the one thing you wear the most, besides your unmentionables?
> My trackers, jogging pants, tracksuit bottoms - whatever you call it. Those are the most comfortable pants at home. I NEVER would leave the house in trackers but at home - and as a SAHM I'm spending most of my time at home - nothing better.

So now, have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Fill In The Blank Friday II

This is a carnival by Tamara. Hop over to her blog and join in :-)


If I had spare money that had to be donated to 3 charities, they would be _________, _________, and __________.

I think I would choose

How about you?

TTMMD: Friday 12/18/09

Yes it's Friday again. I cannot believe that this week flew by so fast. But it's great like that.
My hubby is on holidays now and I'm glad that he stays home at night and doesn't work anymore. So now I can try to relax a bit and get the Christmas cheer - which I still miss...

Oh and sorry for not posting a TTMMD yesterday. Well, I forgot it, honestly. My hubby was awake quite early and as he hates my blogging I don't do it when he's around.

As Christmas is near I will post one of the most wonderful Christmas songs today.
Band Aid singing "Do they know it's Christmas" - I sooooo love this song :-)

Have a nice Friday and wonderful weekend!

17 December 2009

It's such a perfect day...

Yesterday, we had an appointment with our hairdresser to be pretty at the holidays. Even D got his hair cut as though I'm scared to do it on my own.

After this thing done we went to our wonderful Christmas market. It's a special one as we do have a Middle Ages Christmas market with people in those old costumes and you can get mead and other specialties from this era. There weren't much visitors so it was great to walk through with the stroller without getting evil eyes. We ate some Bratwurst and trank Glühwein and just enjoyed the time.

Then we met my former nail art artist and she got pregnant 2 months after myself. But she got twins. And if she ever starts talking she won't stop - until you'd be rude and tell her to stop. So she told us about her experiences with the twins, that people always want to see the twins and touch then and so on. Then she told us the stories as one of her boys fell down off the changing table and broke his upper arm at the age of 8 months. And she keeps on telling and telling and telling and telling and telling... D fluttered and started screaming as he wanted to go on, same with us. So yes, I was rude and told her that we still need to do our Christmas shopping but it was nice meeting her. She looked quite disappointed but well went on with her stuff.

We went Christmas shopping for our parents (gift certificates for a brunch at the Best Western Hotel), my hubby's godchild (a game) and her sister (gift certificate for the movies) and for my friend's daughter (a pyjama for her doll). I still do not have a gift for my brother and even don't have a clue. Any ideas for a 25 year old young single man who's always busy?

At home after this long day out in the city (we live in the suburbs) I needed to clean up and so on. My hubby told me he just wants to sleep and went to bed, D was nearly asleep, too so I needed to clean it up all by myself. I asked my hubby to install the "fence" at D's kiddy room door but he doesn't want to. So I did it. I was pissed. And oh we had a hard argument. He was rude and acted like an a**hole, told me some macho-like stuff like "you are the wifey, I go to work". I HATE stuff like that. We are married, a team and we should help each other with everything.
Well, in the end we ended up in different rooms, not talking anymore. D was very confused and screamed.

We talked things out before he left for work. But well, I think we need some time for us, just as a couple...

Have a nice day out there!

PictureSource via here

16 December 2009

Writer's Workshop VI

It's time again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop! You can find this week's prompts here.

This time I chose No.2: one of my life mottos:

>> If you cannot change somewhat, change your attitude towards it! <<

I hope my translation makes sense... This is the original quote in German:
>> Wenn Du etwas nicht ändern kannst, ändere Deine Einstellung dazu! <<

I love this sentence. It's so true and there's so much in it even if it's hard to put it into action.
This will probably be a short post but I think this motto speaks for itself...
I cannot remember where I read this quote and who said it but well I keep it alive. And it helped me in many situations since I discovered it.
At work, with men and friendships - everywhere!

So I hope you like it, too :o)

Have a nice day!

14 December 2009

Tic Tac Tic Tac

Saturday was my birthday party. I invited some friends to celebrate with me. Unfotunately, some of them were ill and couldn't come :-(
When they came over we had Spaghetti Bolognese - easy to prepare for me - and a chocolate Pana Cotta for dessert. It was the first time I did Pana Cotta on my own. I did too much so they will have a nice dessert tonight as well…

My mom picked D up to stay with them so we are able to sleep longer than usual.
Normally, we need to get up at about 8am as D wakes up then.
And as I didn't know how long we'll partying I better organized a babysitter.

We watched boxing (Klitschko vs. Johnson) and did some "Buzz", had some beer and Bailey's and wine and chips - just had a great time! Our guests left around midnight and we enjoyed the silence and watched TV ("Bloody Santa") until I don't know.

The next morning I woke up at *tata* 8am… What the hell??? Why do I wake up at my usual time when I'm able to sleep so much longer? I could have slept until 10 or 11 am but no, I woke up at 8am. As I was still sleepy and I didn't want to get up that early and clean up the kitchen I tried to get asleep again.

No way! I don't get it!
Well, I hate my body clock!

Do you know that? Do you have the same issue? Waking up at your usual getting-up time when you could sleep longer coz you're kids staying elsewhere? Would like to hear/read your experiences...

TTMMD: Monday 12/14/09

Things That Make My Day on Monday are wonderful posts which someone did throughout the last week.

This time I chose Mama M.'s "An Apology"!

Because I really needed to laugh and it gave me a good time reading it. And everyone of us knows this feeling!
And if you're there for reading stay a bit longer as though her blog is really cool. She has some nice regular posts and her 5 Question Friday is worth a try - or two :-)

Have a nice start to a wonderful week - just 10 days until Christmas!

11 December 2009

Fill In The Blank Friday I


Hop over to her blog and join it the Blank Friday:

The children's show I can't stand is_____________.
But the show I secretly like is _________________.

I cannot stand the Teletubbies which my little son just discovered and loves them... I'm getting ill watching them!

I secretly watch Winnie the Pooh :-) So cute...


Yay Friday again. I'm sitting here with a glass of red wine, a chocolate pudding and I'm tired. Just preparing for my birthday party tomorrow and I'm glad that my son is already in the land of dreams :-)

So here we go with Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday. Again, maaaaaany Christmas-y questions... Well let's see how I can handle it.

My Little Life

1. Does Santa wrap the presents he leaves at your house?
> Well up over here Santa's coming on 6th December. At Christmas the "Christkind" is bringing the gifts (Christkind and Father Christmas/Santa does mean the same as I learned from LEO...) but yes the gifts are always wrapped.

2. When is your "big" Christmas celebration...Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Tell us about it...
> Christmas Eve (24th December). That's usual here in Germany. We have a nice dinner, singing Christmas carols in front of the all made up tree and then sit down and unwrap our gifts. We eat cookies and have some fun together. Some do go to church after that: it starts about 10pm and it's a long and wonderful service; in the end they switch off the lights and only candles are glowing in the dark, the priest and ministrants are kneeing and then it's time for singing "Silent Night" - very emotional... (There's a kid's service in the afternoon, too for families.)

3. Are you big on keeping tradition every year?
> Yes! I love traditions. And I think it's very important that we keep those traditions within the family.

4. Do colored lights or white lights tickle your fancy?
> White lights. Simple like that.

5. Do you decorate outside your house for Christmas?
> No. As we do live in a 2 bedroom apartment we won't decorate outside. We have a glowing tree in the window for those people who're passing by. That's it.
But I really love passing by a made up house - lights, Santas and everything - I do feel like a kid again :-)

Happy Weekend!

Xmas Cookies for Toddlers

Here is a nice recipe I found in a parent magazine. This is a special recipe for babies from 10 month on. It's easy and I hope you'll have fun baking them. You can ask your older kids to help you cutting the cookies :-)

D loves them and gets one every morning for breakfast with his milk.

125 g wholemeal flour
1 Ts powdered sugar
1 Ts vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
75 g butter
25 g sour cream

Preheat the oven on 180°C / 356°F
Knead all ingredients into a smooth dough and put in the fridge for 1 hour (in a plastic wrap).
Roll dough out to a thickness of 5mm / 0.2inch , cut cookies and place them on a baking tray covered with baking parchment.
Baking time: 12 min per tray

Then frost the cookies. You can color the frosting with food coloring (for having green trees, yellow stars, etc.)

Enjoy! :-)

TTMMD: Friday

Today it will be an old song, from our teen age :-)

Enjoy NKOTB and "Step by Step"


10 December 2009

TTMMD: Thursday

Again a nice quote :-)
As Christmas is only a fortnight away I chose a wonderful Christmas quote for today!

The quote was said by Burton Hillis.

It's my party...

Today's my birthday.
My 28th birthday.
Damn, time flies by…

But honestly I don't like my birthday. To me it's a day like every day. It's nothing special.
I never celebrated my birthday coz I never know why I should celebrate getting old.
Maybe it's because my granny died in the night to my 16th birthday.
Maybe it's because I'm in the centre of attention.

I loved celebrating my son's birthday last month (I haven't posted about it yet as though my computer had a breakdown around his birthday). It was nice and yes, it was something special to me. Although I reflected the whole day of his birth which wasn't fun at all.

But this year I will celebrate my birthday. With my family tonight and my friend's will be around on Saturday. I will cook and I really hope that we all have a good time.
That I will have a great time.
Enjoying the day I'm getting older.
Giving those people who do love me the most the chance to celebrate my birth and be thankful for it.

I think I'll be back on Friday, maybe Monday.
Have a good time Ladies - and Gens!

09 December 2009

Writer's Workshop V

It's time again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. This week is a benefit week so it's all about Anissa and Liz's Foundation. You can read their stories here. And this week's prompts can be found here.

I chose the letter to Anissa, prompt No. 5

Dear Anissa,
I will be honest: I do not know how you feel or what your family and friends feel like. I do not know how you or your husband felt when it happened. And well, honestly, I do not want to know. I do not mean it bad but I think nobody wants to make this experience…
Sure, there happened some bad stuff to a friend's husband and my cousin.
My cousin had a special paralysis and as he is very sporty he knows his body quite well. He did react very very fast and so they gave him some medicine and after some weeks he could walk around again. After some months he was totally healthy. Of course, it was a shock but his fast regeneration was great. When I really realized what happened they told us that he is going to get back to his old form again.
My friend's husband had a bad accident. He was a good and very careful paraglider but caused by some air turbulences he fell about 20 metres down on a hill. In hospital, he was comatose for some days. After waking him up they told him that he is paraplegic. After some weeks in hospital and a month in rehab he was allowed to get home. They moved in a small flat which is made for wheelchairs and stuff. Now, they're building a house and planning to get pregnant again.
Both had so much luck and the hope and caring love of their families and friends make them to get healthy and that they do not lose their lust for life. With these true stories I want to give you hope and that it is soooo worth to fight.
I am sure that you are able to enjoy life at its fullest again someday. Take the time you need and do not lose hope. Life and the love of your family is worth everything!
Wishing you all the best!

08 December 2009

Interactive Tuesday - Summer of '69

*sing* *dance*
This is one of my favorite party song!
As I was in school - looooong time ago - our English teacher gave us the lyrics and we first listened to this song. Then we were asked to translate it verse by verse and interprete it (English was the first foreign language for us). What does this song tell us and so on.
From this day on until now I have those lyrics on my mind. And whenever this song was played somewhere I need to sing. Really I cannot not sing. And I always remember Ms. Bauer, our English teacher and this nice lesson.
So this song is a nice remember of the old school days and really nice to party on :-)

And now I'm looking forward to your story!

Interactive on Tuesday II - 12/08/09

Hi Ladies and Gens out there,
it's time again for my Interactive Tuesday :-)

Here are the rules:
Every Tuesday I will give you one word, a name, a song title, whatever and then you do a blog post and write down what is your association with the word or whatever.
Then put your name and the blog post path (just the direct link to the post NOT to your general blog) into the MckLinky.
I you have any questions please let me know...

This week it's time for a song title - let me know what you think/feel about

Summer of '69 (by Bryan Adams)

You can hear the song on YouTube and get the text here.

Hope you have fun! :-)

CU later

07 December 2009

TTMMD: Monday

On Monday I will link you to a funny, wonderful, smart post that made my day throughout the week.

This week I want to present you the "Dear Baby" blog. A mom2be is blogging about her pregnancy and experiences she makes while being pregnant.
She did two post which make me laugh and I love how cool her blogging style is.

The first one was "How to travel with a pregnant woman" which totally speaks for itself.
The second was about encouraging her during labor.

Check out her blog and enjoy it :-)

Have a wonderful start in this new week!

It's Giveaway Time

Oh, Mama M has a nice giveaway. A lovely little lamp with a big red heart... Soooo cute :-)
So just hop over to her blog and join in here!

Good luck!

04 December 2009

What if...

I'm just coming home from the movies. I watched the new "Twilight" movie with a friend - her boyfriend and my husband didn't want to see it so we did went alone.
It's a great film. Different from the book but well done.

But I do not understand why Bella chooses Edward. Why does she choose him instead of Jake? To me Jake is the man of my dreams. He's tall and musculine and warm and he's a mechanic.
Why does she choose cold Edward who hurts her so much. He always promises not to hurt her - and he does it again and again.
Jake's character is so pure and he's always honest. He does his utmost to make Bella feel comfortable. To me he would be more than just a friend.
What if Bella had chosen Jake to be her boyfriend, not Edward? Would she be happier?

Really I never understood Bella's obsession for Edward. Yes his family is kind and fascinating and it's a great adventure. But she really loves him - I couldn't comprehend it. Do you?
I read all 4 books and I still don''t understand...
Maybe one of you could explain it to me?!


Yay again it's time for the 5 Question Friday by Mama M.
Check out this week's questions here :-)

My Little Life

1. Favorite gift you are GIVING this year?
> Puh. I have no idea. I didn't have any gifts yet *panic* Does LOVE count? I'm giving love to my husband and son... But who doesn't? For me love is the best gift someone could give and get!

2. How many parties are you attending between now and Christmas?
> Christmas parties or other parties? I'm not attending any Christmas parties. It's not common here. We do go to Christmas markets, drinking Glühwein (hot wine punch).
The only party I join will be my birthday party next week. Nothing else.

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
> "Wonderful Dream" by Melanie Thornton. I sooooo love this song! (watch on YouTube)

4. Who was your favorite elementary school teacher and why?
> Uhm... I'm honest. I don't remember anything from that period. I just remember getting my first kiss from a nice boy. But I don't remember any teachers or something. But maybe it was the German teacher. It's sooooo long ago - about 20 years or so. Damn, I'm getting old *gg*

5. If you had a choice to live in any other period of time (other than now) what era would you choose and why?
> I think the 1950's. I love petticoats and Rock'n'Roll. The music was great and they were all busy. The late 50's would be the time I wanted to live. And I liked their role allocation - men at work, women at home with kids. No pressure to earn money or be a succesful business woman. Just be a full time mother and wife and loving that job like it is.
Yes sometimes I'm very oldfashioned...

Did enjoy it again :-)
Happy weekend!

TTMMD: Friday

Things that make my day on Friday are songs!

Please enjoy today a cover of The Veronica's "Speechless", performed by two German Popstars candidates:

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


Can't touch this

Well, I know that kids do have a mind of their own. D has a strong character. If he doesn't get what he wants then he starts screaming and crying trying to impress his parents. But we always stay consequent and he stops screaming quite fast. He knows it's useless.

And of course there are some book-shelfes and cupboards where he's not allowed touch or open. D really likes to put all the books out of the shelf and all my pots, too. I could tell him "no" as often as I want - and I'm sure he understands what "no" means - but he never listens. Or he listens, looking at me, shaking his head as though he understands, smiles at me - and keep on going… It's always the same. Just like he wants to annoy me.

I think that he just wants to know if I stay consequent and tests his limits. But it's quite exhausting to look after him non-stop and try to explain why he's not allowed to do it.
Sometimes I want to record a tape with "no, don't do this" and "no, not this" and play it regularly. Or just play "Can't touch this" by MC Hammer. This would be so much easier, wouldn't it? But it wouldn't help me if he touches the flowers and ruin them. Then I need to put him away.
Two minutes later he's at the flowers again.
Sometimes I am curious what's on his mind. I really am.

How about your kids? The same? Or is it just D?

03 December 2009

TTMMD: Thursday

It's Thursday and time for another quote.

This week's family quote was said by Desmond Tutu...

So true....

Writer's Workshop IV

It's time for Kat's Writer's Workshop again. Check out her blog for this week's prompts.

I chose No. 4 - once more. I don't know why but No. 4 is always on my side ;-)
Celebrating Christmas without money issues - well, there are two options:

1) An island in the sun: Maledives or the Arabian Emirates like Dubai.
Having a luxury hotel where's a huuuge Christmas tree in the lobby. I would like to have a nice suite, we'd have a 5-course-dinner at the beach with Christmas decoration and candle-light. Don't forget the champagne and a nice dress. It would be so different and a special experience celebrating Christmas in the sun at the beach.
The other days we'll be on the beach or in the spa, enjoying all the luxury...

2) A winter dream: the Alpes (Suisse) or Norway.
We'd have a nice little lodge made of wood and a big window where you can see all aver a wonderful snowy landscape. Of course, there's a huge and all made up Christmas tree. We'd sit by the big window and watch the sun go down behind the snowy horizon and we have a simple dinner, champagne. We'd snuggle in warm blankets, in front of the fireplace.
The other days we'll go snowboarding and skiing, building snow men and having a funny snowball fight…

Yes, this would be a perfect Christmas Eve and holidays *dreaming*

Have a nice day Ladies - and Gens!

01 December 2009

Interactive on Tuesday I

You can find the instructions here...

This Tuesday I want to find associations to tattoos.
So here is mine:

I love tattoos. I really do. I do have two by myself and I'm sure that there will be more some time. Mine are not big ones, just some small ones with a huge meaning to me. I'm not the type who gets tattooed just to be "in". All the pain is worth the nice piece that will show up in the end. (After the birth of D I told the midwife that I'd rather have my whole body tattooed than giving birth again… :P Her point of view was the opposite.)

Yes, there are people who are tattooed all over and non of the tattoos have a meaning, they just wanted to be tattooed. And there are people who are a gesamtkunstwerk.

And I love pictures of tattooed brides. They are something special and unusual and with the right dress they look really fab!

And now I am curious to know what you think of tattoos. Do you have some on your own? Don't forget to join in :-) I really would appreciate it although I know that I cannot expect much on my first one…

Interactive on Tuesday

I just thought about a new interactive blog post.
So I decided to do it so. And here is how it goes:

Every Tuesday I will give you one word, a name, a song title, whatever and then you do a blog post and write down what is your association with the word or whatever.
Then put your name and the blog post path (just the direct link to the post NOT to your general blog) into the MckLinky.
I you have any questions please let me know...

I really hope that you will like this interactive posting and join in numerously :-)

So let's start with the first one:


I'll be back later with my association and the MckLinky list.

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