02 October 2010

Turning Forever 29

Next year, in December, I am turning 30. As Nanny Fine says, I will stay forever 29 then ;-)
I am really afraid of turning 30. And although it's still over a year to go I don't want this day to come.
As I do not want a surprise party or whatever I wonder about this day, if I should have a party or get out of the country for some time (which I need to discuss with hubby).
If I'd have a party I want to have just one party, including friends AND family. Without being remembered I'm turning old. {See, I really do have a big problem with turning forever 29.}

So to have a party without having a classic Birthday party I thought about hosting a themed party. A pajama party won't work as my PIL and aunts are 60 + but it would be funny.
I want a theme for anybody so that young and old are happy. I'd welcome some suggestion from my party-proved readers :-)

Usually, I really try to avoid my birthday. Since my 16th birthday I do hate my birthday. Guess there are two different reasons for that:
First, my favorite granny died in the night to my 16th birthday. It was the sadest birthday ever!
Second, I do hate getting older (guess that's just a female thing *g*) and taking center stage.
But well, this time I know I got no other chance. Because going on a journey over the birthday won't solve the problem at all (and I don't want someone to do a surprise party for me...), does it? :-)

Have a wonderful weekend out there!

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