29 March 2010

Never Wanna See You Unhappy

I don't know why but there's trouble in the air. There are some couples just around me who have trouble in their marriage. And this scares me a lot. A lot lot!

One of my friends told me that her husband even sleeps in a seperate bed because he don't want to stay up at night when the kids are crying and he also don't want their kids in the bed. She's quite unhappy and told me it's like a "partnership of convenience". He doesn't help her with the household or the kids. He says, he's working and needs his spare time and don't want to waste it by playing with the kids. So there's no chance to her to go out and relax.
Another one told me that she's going to get divorced soon because she couldn't stand the thought to live with her husband until death do them part. But she just didn't do the step to split up because of their son. So if they won't have a kid she would've been gone already.
Hubby's best friend's wife has trouble with her husband because she thinks he's cheating on her (and there are some reasons that argue against him) and there is so much distrust in their marriage now. They both feel unhappy and uncomfortable with each other and don't kiss or talk anymore.

I could go on and on with that list. And it scares me so much that we'll be the next couple with trouble...
But instead enjoying being happily married and work on this I do ruin it. I don't know why but I try to ruin my marriage before getting in trouble. That's stupid, I know that. I just experienced that yesterday when we had an argument because of a silly thing.
How dumb am I? Ruining a happy marriage because I got scared of others who are in trouble? Damn it!
I really want to safe my marriage, I do love my husband and I want to spent my whole life with him! So as we say "Einsicht ist der erste Schritt zur Besserung!" which says as much as "Knowing your faults is the first step towards improvement!".

I really do hope that the other couples are finding their way back to a happy marriage or find a straight way to split up.

19 March 2010

5QF - 03/19/10

Yay, time for Mama M.'s Five Question Friday :-) I forgot it last week and felt terrible about it. But there was so much to do for the wedding - 5QF slipped my attention.

My Little Life

This week I'm back!

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?
> This means, meeting a celeb, right? Well, I did. Do you really want me to list them? David Coulthard, Mika Häkkinen, Jochen Hahn, Ralf Richter, Dorkas Kiefer and Roxette.

2. What temperature do you keep your house?
> In the winter about 20°C to 23°C (high sixties Fahrenheit) and in the summer cooler than outside, I think about 18°C (65°F).

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?
> Yes. Unfortunately. But I don't see the dust at home *gg*

4. What's the worst job you ever had?
> Paper deliverer. I had so many jobs but this was really the worst. I needed to deliver leaflets, every Saturday, even on foul weather days. I hated it...

5. What is your most sentimental possession?
> Good question... This is something I set my heart on, right? I'd say my son. If that counts. If it has to be material it's my wedding band.

Nice again. Join in :-)

TTMMD: Friday - 03/19/10 -

For a long time, I forgot that this song still exists - until I heard it yesterday on the radio. I love it. And so I want to share it with you: Extreme and "More Than Words"

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

18 March 2010

Writer's Workshop - Relive A Day

Today, it's time again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. I didn't attent the last times coz the prompts were too hard for me...

This time, I need to decide between No. 1 and 5. My underdog story would have been about the VfB Stuttgart but just if they had won the match against FC Barcelona yesterday. Unfotunately, Stuttgart lost (but that was what I expected).

So I'll write about a day I'd like to relive:
There are soooo many days I'd like to relive but there's one day I really enjoyed. Not the proposal or wedding day. It was a day for just the two of us. A Saturday in February 2008.
After hubby did the proposal on Valentine's Day 2008, we had booked a weekend in the black forest to celebrate it. We had a nice appartment and on Saturday night, there was a candle light dinner. So we went for a walk that day. The air was so clean, a blue sky, not really cold and we went for a long walk. There was a deer park with roe deer, harts and sqirrels. It was really romantic. Near the park was a castle ruin and we walked back through the forrest. Then we enjoyed the rest of the day at the pool and got ready for the dinner. It was a 4-course-dinner and very delicious!

It was such a perfect day and having this day back again would be wonderful! *sigh*

17 March 2010

Let's Get It Started

Hi :)
I had an appointment at my gyn today. You know, just the normal two-times-a-year-appointment to check if everythings OK. He asked me if I'd need another prescription for the Pill and I just said "no". He grinned and asked "numero due?" (he loves Italy and has a holiday home there, that's why he asked in Italian) and I nodded.
So he was more pleased to check if I'm ready *gg* And well, yes, he gave me the go-ahead.

We agreed to get started, to really get started in June. So my body (means the ovaries) has some time to get ready, too and then we'll see what happens.
I know that it could take quite a long time and I know that there's a risk of miscarriages but we are full of hope.

And don't tell it to the world, nobody knows yet. And we won't tell it anybody. We'll tell our friends and family when we were successful ;-)

Have a wonderful day!

15 March 2010


As I mentioned on Friday, we were invited to a wedding party on Saturday night.
My great cousin and her now husband got married at a wonderful beach on a Thai island in December 2009. And as they wanted to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends nevertheless the planned to have a beach party.
To me (and not only to me) it was a bit weird. They hired an indoor beach hall to celebrate. Outside, there's still snow and it was really cold. But you never wear a sweater at the beach, do you? So I dressed like going to a summer party: a purple summer dress, a bolero and coz of the cold I wore a leggins, too. For the journey to the indoor beach hall I wore my boots and changed to flip flops there.

And damn, we had fun. It was a really great party! Nice music, yummy food (they had a Spanferkel/sucking pig and a chocolate fountain) and we played beach volleyball and danced. We had a great time :-)

The next morning, we met with my great cousin and her husband for breakfast and we could talk unhurriedly. Then we drove back home, picked up D at my in-laws and enjoyed the rest of the sunday.

So, we had a great weekend and enjoyed the time very much. Although I felt that I'm just complete with D and hubby! :-)

12 March 2010

TTMMD: Friday - 03/12/10 -

As I do have a sensitive day today - typical female stuff, you know - I would like to share my today's fav song: Peter Gabriel's "Don't give up"

Later, I'll have an appointment at a nail studio for a manicure and tomorrow we're going to attend a wedding-beach-party. Unfortunately, it's no real wedding and no reception. It's just a beach party for celebrating that they're wedded now. They got married on an island of Thailand some months ago and now, they want to celebrate it with us.
To me, this is a bit weird as we have snow outside and it's f*cking cold. And then I'll attend an indoor beach party with a summer dress and flip-flops. But I'm excited, too and curious about it.

So, have a wonderful weekend yourself! :-)

11 March 2010

TTMMD: Thursday - 03/11/10 -

Some days ago, I read a nice quote in a magazine:

>> You'll gain courage by clenching your teeth - regardless of all troubles and obstacles.<<

This was said by Yamamoto Tsunetome in his book "Hagakure".

Have a wonderful day!

08 March 2010

Two In One

Today, I had an appointment at a dermatologist. Usually, this isn't the kind of doctor I'm visiting. Actually, I never visit a dermatologist. I just did as a teen coz of my really bad acne. (Finally, they sent me to the gyn for getting the Pill and the problem stopped!)
So, I haven't been to a dermatologist for about 15 years. As I sat there in the waiting room, waiting to get called for the doctor, I wondered why all the other people are there. And damn, there are maaaany reasons for seeing a dermatologist: verrucas, cancer prevention, neurodermatitis etc. My head keeps spinning around and the longer I sat there the worser und uncomfortable I felt. I thought, waiting there was disgusting... (Same as peeing at the gyn - you never know if there was someone with a clap or anything else.)
OK, I sat there for about 45 minutes and this is quite a long time. Even if there are no magazines to read. And as I just own a hundred years old cell, I couldn't play or blog or whatever. Gladly, I had my super cute and practical planner with me for starting with this post ;-)
I just finished it when they called me in. The dermatologist looked at the small blisters at my hand (my mom presumed that they are sebaceous glands and my brother's new girlfriend - a nurse to be - said it could be verrucas) and asked me straight away: "Are you pregnant?" I looked at her "Uhm no, not as far as I know" and she just nodded. I asked her why she posed this question and she told me that those blisters can happen with pregnancy. This confused me... After all, she said that that these are blisters caused by stress. Yes, stress blisters. Funny, don't you think? I don't know why I got stress blisters but well, they are there. So, I was very glad that the blisters are harmless.

When I got home, I did a pregnancy test. Remember, that I wanted to do it either? The dermatologist really confused my with her question so I need to know for sure. It was negative. Of course, it was negative!

I will go to bed now, put the doctor's cream on the blisters and hope to sleep well. And hopefully, the fairy of dreams shoo the stress away... :-)

Good Night!

05 March 2010

TTMMD: Friday - 03/05/10 -

On Friday, there's a show on German TV where some German celebrities talk about how they got 18 and what was up in the years they got 18. At 18, you're grown up in Germany and allowed to do anything: drink every kind of alcohol, smoke, vote, etc.

And one song was "Do the Limbo Dance" by David Hasselhoff - do you remember? hihi That was fun! (Unfortunately, I cannot find the video anywhere *sniff*)

So now instead I will post the "Lambada" by Kaoma - I really love this song :-)

5QF - 03/05/10

Yay, Friday and it's time for Mama M.'s 5 Question Friday. Join in :-)

My Little Life

5QF is my bedtime sweets every Friday and so here we go:

1. What's your guilty pleasure?
> Blogging. Just like that. And playing games like Farmville and Sims.

2. What is your favorite TV series?
> Just one? Series is plural, isn't it? ;-)
I love SatC (who doesn't...) and Lipstick Jungle and Two and a half Men. I can watch them always, again and again.

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?
> Sure! English *g* and French and very few words Italian and Spanish. (Originally, I wanted to be a translator and interpreter and if I needn't go to University I'd work with translation now...)

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
> Not much. Really not. About 30 maybe. I don't know exactly - and I won't go and count them coz my summy shoes are stocked in the basement *gg*

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?
> The classic ones. The yellow package things. Those are the REAL M&M's.
I want some. Now. Damn :-(

Have a wonderful weekend!

04 March 2010

TTMMD: Thursday - 03/04/10 -

Yesterday night, they showed "When Harry met Sally" on TV and so I want to share a lovely quote from this movie with you.

>>When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible<<

Good Night :-)

03 March 2010

Recipe: Buttermilk Cake

Jade mentioned a nice homepage with a challenge yesterday and I love it! So I'm going to join in, too.

Over-used Recipes Swap

My recipe is a buttermilk sheet cake - easy and very yummy! It's a "cup" cake which means the ingredients are measured with a cup. Please use a normal coffee/tea cup like this (no mug!).

4 cups of wheat flour
1 sachet of baking powder
3 cups of sugar
3 eggs
1 pack of buttermilk (500 grams)

Preheat the oven to 190°C/374°F.
Mix all ingredients and fill the smooth dough on a sheet. Now, dredge the dough with cinnamon-sugar and flaked almonds.
Put it in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Enjoy! :-)

02 March 2010

TTMYD - 03/02/10 -

It Tuesday and so it's time for Things That Make Your Day!

It's easy to join in. Just tell me what made/makes you day today. Write a blog post and link up with the MckLinky underneath or leave a comment.

D and hubby are making my day. D's smile and that he's playing so nicely. And hopefully my brother will make my day when he will repair the shutter strap in D's room ;-)

So now it's your turn to let the world know the TTMYD!

MckLinky Blog Hop


(what a cool word...)

If I wouldn't know it better, I'd say I'm pregnant.
Yes, all symptoms are there and it feels real: I'm totally tired and am able to sleep the whole day through, I'm always hungry and could eat a bunch of food and I'm still hungry and there's a dragging pain in my underbelly.
But to face reality I know that it's impossible. Maybe it's really just imaginativeness coz I really wish to be pregnant now.
Hubby looked at me with horror when I told him about those symptoms. He thinks it's too early to be pregnant again. And there are some insecurities with his job as they want to reduce their loan and working hours. If they really vote it through than we're in real trouble and we need to say good-bye to another kid. I need to get back to work then.

I do hesitate if I should do a pregnancy test so that I'm really sure. I really wish to get pregnant again, having a sibling for D as he likes kids really much, getting another aggregation of hubby and me. On the other side it's a big financial risk and I'm not sure if I can challenge so much trouble...

01 March 2010

Doing A Poll

Hi there!
I'm doing a poll because I'm curious what you'd prefer. Just click to join in. I will post the result withing the next week.

Thanks for joining in :-)

Saturday Night

Good morning world! Hope you had a great weekend and did enjoy it. I did :-)

Saturday afternoon we took D to the in-laws as he'd stayed with them until Sunday. It was the first time he stayed there over night and so I wrote my IL an "instruction manual" when D is eating, going to bed and waking up. All those things that are daily routine but the grandparents don't know. Usually, D stays with my parents once a month that we can go out. But we are invited to a wedding party (my mom's godchild) and we won't take D with us. So he needs somewhere to stay and the IL are a good solution. But we decided it's best if they'll do a trial sleep-over-night that both of them get used to it a bit - in case that it won't work or questions come up. But everything was fine and so I'll do not need to worry.

After we took D there we were out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant (I think the regular readers already found out that we love Italian restaurants...). Then we picked up some friends and got to a billard hall to play billards and table football. We had a lot of fun although we found out we're not used to this anymore. I was sooo tired and they were, too. Finally, we got to a bar as well. But this was such a wrong decision. I'm sure we raised the average age for about 5 years (we are between 28 and 35). The music was quite loud and we wondered that House music is still up to date. Our cocktails took hours to arrive. But we laughed quite much at those teens, especially at the girls with their deep neckline and high-heels they couldn't walk in.
Although we were tired and "old" we had a blast and enjoyed it very much :-) It was a nice night out and I think we will do this somewhen again!

Sunday, we were able to sleep in and have a wonderful breakfast before picking up D.

So, the weekend was really gread and I did enjoy it very, very much!

Have a wonderful Monday and a good start into this first week of March (time's flying fast, isn't it?)!

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