30 October 2009

Friday - so many Features...

OK, Mama M. has a "5 Question Friday". I thought it would be fun to join.

If you would do as well visit her blog and today's questions.

So, here we go:
1. What were you doing the last time you really had a good laugh?
> watching my son peeing at his dad while changing diapers

2. Who was your first CELEBRITY crush?
> uhm... well... Jason Orange, a member of Take That

3. What is one talent that you wish you had?
> Next to be a proffessional ballet dancer? I really would be a better manager, for my day and kids and life. Simple, I know... I'm so chaotic so being less chaotic would be nice ;-)

4. How often do you and your spouse go out w/o the kids? Is it frequent enough?
> We try to go out once in a month. And it's working quite good and we have a lot of fun. But well, it's not frequent enough ;-) It would be nice just to be husband and wife twice a month...

5. What colour(s) is your bedroom?
> We just moved in so the walls are simply white. Our bedroom furniture is white and dark brown.

This was fun so I'll join in next Friday again :-)

TTMMD: Friday

It's Friday and I was a bad blogger this week. Sorry!
I was a bit busy, with the son and husband and our new apartment...
So I hope I will be a better blogger next week.

Today is another "What a nice song - day" :-)

How about "Free Falling" by Tom Petty


Enjoy it and have a nice and spooky weekend!

28 October 2009

Writer's Workshop II

Today, Wednesday, it's time for Kat's Workshop again.
As all topics are about "Halloween" I won't participate this week. We do not have this tradition in Germany so I will leave this one out...

26 October 2009

TTMMD: Monday

Monday should be a "inspiring and well done blog posts" day.
So I am looking for a great post from the week before and will post about it.

I will start this thing next week.

If you have any suggestion just let me know :-)

Well, I'm bored

A bit.
Sometimes I just sit around and don't know what to do with myself or my son.
It's weird. I know.

Sure, there's some household to do, washing, ironing, tidying up, whatever. But yes, some days I don't feel like doing the chores. Of course, I tidy up my kitchen and cook but that's it.
So I just sit around and watch TV shows and yes, I'm bored.

Well, yes, my son (nearly 1 year old) wants to be entertained. He loves to crawl around and play with my Tupperware and his dad's Pepsi bottles. I need to watch him that he doesn't ruin anything or put his fingers in an outlet (even if there a kid's security in it, he shouldn't do it!). You all know that this could be quite stressful to run after the kids. You can do nothing next to it because he's always around and you need to be careful to not hurt the kid while running through your home.

But you cannot do this for about 10 hours. I go out for a walk with him. Play with him. But I do not feel like I'm used to capacity. Yes, I am a stay-at-home mommy (SAHM) and I used to enjoy it quite much but sometimes it's not enough.
As Christmas is coming soon there are some DIY projects to be done but nothing that could be done next to looking after my son.

Any tips? How do you feel as a SAHM? What do you do with your kids this age?

23 October 2009

TTMMD: Friday

Friday is a song day.
Today it's "Stay another day" from East17.

I love this song for many reasons but the most important reason is: it calms me down. On a bad mood day and when I'm so done with everything it makes me feel better and not furious anymore.

So take your time to calm down, too and listen to it! :-)



Remeber Kat's Workshop? I came up to the blog of The (Un)Experienced Mom and her post about how motherhood is changing us.
Her last point was about relationships.

This leads me to this post...

When I met my now husband I finally stopped going out alone. I'm very old-fashioned with this stuff. Sure, I meet some of my girls for a dring or the movies, but that's it.
And, I think you know that as well, when you're having a relationship you have less time to go out. You just enjoy the time together with your new love.
Some people don't understand this. And they even don't accept or respect it. Some of my girls got envy and then, when they knew it was for real, they became bitchy. So I just quit some friendships. Why should I call someone a friend if he/she isn't happy for me?
And then I got pregnant. It was, well, a bit surprisingly but I was happy!
Again, some of the girls got bitchy and envy and whatever. Yes, girls can be funny with that kind of stuff... Now, that I'm a mommy I do not have much time for going out. There are good friends, with no kids but we are still friends and we enjoy the little time together. Seeing each other once in a month is very ok for them. And then there are some no kids friends which cannot understand that there are more important things in my life now.
I think that I will quit the relationship with them because it's not worth any minute.

But you know what? Those people aren't the worst.
The worst are people which got parents some months/years first and so they seem to be better parents and try to change your style of education, telling you you doing wrong or whatever.
Well, I just kicked their sporty butts!

What are your experiences with relation-/friendships while parenthood?

{Sorry that I am not articulate. I need to learn much more about this. For this reason I do write this blog. Of course, it would sound better in German but I need some challenge...
Thanks for your understanding!}

22 October 2009

TTMMD: Thursday

Thinks that make my day on Thursday: lovely quotes.
About kids, life and love...

Pic by me

21 October 2009

Writer's Workshop I

Well, it is my first post for this topic, that's why I call it "I"... ;-)

Kat does this Workshop every week and I think this is a very great idea. So I decided to join, just for fun...
You will find this week's topics here.

I choose No.4: Describe how motherhood changed you?! (I was hesitating if choosing No.3 would be a great alternative but rhyming in a foreign language wouldn't be quite well...)

Well, my son is nearly 1 year old. Before I got pregnant, I was THE party girl.
I was around nearly every party I could find on weekends. I partied the whole night through. And I really enjoyed being out and sometimes drunken. It was great coming home when the sun already rose. And I did go out on working days, too. It was no problem just to sleep about 4 or 5 hours a night. Well, I was young and enjoyed my life.
When I went shopping I always tried to find some hot clothes for the next party or something.
And I was not thinking about the future. I was just living from day to day, enjoying my life, having fun - no matter what will come.

Well, nowadays it completely changed! I haven't joined a bis party since I was pregnant and after the birth I didn't go out quite much. And if, we go out for dinner and maybe the movies. That's all. No more parties, no coming home in the morning. As we were invited to my best friend's wedding we needed to leave it at 2am because we were tired... This is soooo sad :-(
If I do not sleep min. 8 hours a night I'm feeling like not being myself.
When we go shopping, we now buy some kiddy stuff and games for doing a game night with some friends at home - instead of going out to a party.

It's weird. I never thought I would enjoy being so "square" ;-)
I thought I would miss "the live before", well I do somehow, but not really. I enjoy to stay at home with my husband and having just a great film on TV, knowing I do not miss anything because I already hat that kind of life.
So motherhood changed my life and myself - and it's great!

I decided to give the poem a try:
>>I'm a mother but not a perfect one
I'm a wife but not desperite
I'm a woman but not a model
I'm a housewife but not a cleaner
I am what I am<<

Help, I need somebody

I saw those lovely Blog Buttons all over the blog land and I was wondering how to create one.
Does anybody know?
I would be so thankful to have my own button, too :-)

Some of those lovelynesses you can see on the left side of this blog. The clue: they do link back to the blog next to looking so nice in sidebars...

Hope someone can help me?!

Thanks in advance :-))

09 October 2009

Beautiful Kiddy Stuff

I found a nice website for kiddy stuff - furniture, toys and decoration. It's so worth a visit.
It's a German company called "Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer".

Here are some really nice things:

TTMMD: Friday

TTMMD means Thing That Make My Day

Yes there are some things that cheering me up every day. This is different everyday. A good joke, a nice comment, a great quote, a lovely picture, a fantastic song... Whatever.

Friday will be a "fantastic song" day. So today I want to start with one of my favourite songs that days.

Marit Larsen "If a song could get me you"

I really love this song and her voice is soooo lovely and well I always do relax when this song's up :-)
So sit down, put your feet up and relax!


Trying To Introduce Myself

Well, what should I say.
I am in the late twenties, trying to be a good wife and mother. Yes, trying. What else can I do? I don't want to try to be perfect coz this would be stressing me out and perfection shouldn't be said in context with motherhood and marriage.
Being a good mom and wife is a very good aim and I'm hunting for this!

I am a bad housewive. I don't like ironing and cleaning. No, it's not messy, really not. I do clean up and stuff but I don't like it. I like cooking and baking but cleaning up the kitchen afterwards - urgh...

I met my husband in July 2007, got pregnant in February 2008, got married in September 2008 and gave birth in November 2008. Yes, we were fast. But I think it was meant to be.
Sometimes I do hesitate if I was ready getting a mom but I think I was.

I lived my young life as it should be, was drunk and party-ed whole nights through. I really did do my experiences and so did my now husband. So I was sure that I won't miss a thing.
Now being mommy I think there are still soooo much things I wanted to do.
That's why I chose this blog name: I am between being mommy and loving this job and between living life as a young wife and enjoy the time with my husband.

08 October 2009


I am a mommy since November last year. And there are so many thoughts crossing my mind daily. So I just put up this blog to share them with you and to get rid of them ;-)
Wanna share some of your thoughts with me? I would be pleased!

Originally, my blog name should be "A bored Mom" or something like that but they were all already done. And now I am around this blogspot world, too...

This should be a blog for other moms or mommys to be. Maybe you even thought the same somewhen or feel the same.

"Cheers" to new blog-friendships *gg*

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