02 September 2010


I'm watching the new German season of "Popstars" (best Music Casting Show on Geman TV).

There was a girl, she was 20 years old and she made it to the re-call. Then, the jury asked her where she's living and she told them that she actually lives at a shelter for homeless people. The jury asked her to tell them more about it and she said that her mom lives in England and her dad lives in Bavaria (South-East Germany). She had an apprenticeship in Nordrhein-Westfalen (Middle-East Germany) but lost her job and couldn't pay her rent anymore so she needed to move to the shelter.
They asked her why she doesn't move back to her dad and she confessed that she's afraid he has a go at her, that he laughs at her and tell her that he knew she won't make it.
So she rather lives at the shelter than moving back to her dad. That is sooo sad. One of the jury member - who is a dad as well - went up to the stage and gave her a big hug and comforted her.

And that made me cry. I cried because I felt her pain.
If D. wasn't already sleeping I would've hugged him.

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