26 October 2009

Well, I'm bored

A bit.
Sometimes I just sit around and don't know what to do with myself or my son.
It's weird. I know.

Sure, there's some household to do, washing, ironing, tidying up, whatever. But yes, some days I don't feel like doing the chores. Of course, I tidy up my kitchen and cook but that's it.
So I just sit around and watch TV shows and yes, I'm bored.

Well, yes, my son (nearly 1 year old) wants to be entertained. He loves to crawl around and play with my Tupperware and his dad's Pepsi bottles. I need to watch him that he doesn't ruin anything or put his fingers in an outlet (even if there a kid's security in it, he shouldn't do it!). You all know that this could be quite stressful to run after the kids. You can do nothing next to it because he's always around and you need to be careful to not hurt the kid while running through your home.

But you cannot do this for about 10 hours. I go out for a walk with him. Play with him. But I do not feel like I'm used to capacity. Yes, I am a stay-at-home mommy (SAHM) and I used to enjoy it quite much but sometimes it's not enough.
As Christmas is coming soon there are some DIY projects to be done but nothing that could be done next to looking after my son.

Any tips? How do you feel as a SAHM? What do you do with your kids this age?

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