21 October 2009

Writer's Workshop I

Well, it is my first post for this topic, that's why I call it "I"... ;-)

Kat does this Workshop every week and I think this is a very great idea. So I decided to join, just for fun...
You will find this week's topics here.

I choose No.4: Describe how motherhood changed you?! (I was hesitating if choosing No.3 would be a great alternative but rhyming in a foreign language wouldn't be quite well...)

Well, my son is nearly 1 year old. Before I got pregnant, I was THE party girl.
I was around nearly every party I could find on weekends. I partied the whole night through. And I really enjoyed being out and sometimes drunken. It was great coming home when the sun already rose. And I did go out on working days, too. It was no problem just to sleep about 4 or 5 hours a night. Well, I was young and enjoyed my life.
When I went shopping I always tried to find some hot clothes for the next party or something.
And I was not thinking about the future. I was just living from day to day, enjoying my life, having fun - no matter what will come.

Well, nowadays it completely changed! I haven't joined a bis party since I was pregnant and after the birth I didn't go out quite much. And if, we go out for dinner and maybe the movies. That's all. No more parties, no coming home in the morning. As we were invited to my best friend's wedding we needed to leave it at 2am because we were tired... This is soooo sad :-(
If I do not sleep min. 8 hours a night I'm feeling like not being myself.
When we go shopping, we now buy some kiddy stuff and games for doing a game night with some friends at home - instead of going out to a party.

It's weird. I never thought I would enjoy being so "square" ;-)
I thought I would miss "the live before", well I do somehow, but not really. I enjoy to stay at home with my husband and having just a great film on TV, knowing I do not miss anything because I already hat that kind of life.
So motherhood changed my life and myself - and it's great!

I decided to give the poem a try:
>>I'm a mother but not a perfect one
I'm a wife but not desperite
I'm a woman but not a model
I'm a housewife but not a cleaner
I am what I am<<


  1. Glad to see you are happy to stay at home now. Although I was never a party girl, "motherhood" has kept me at home more too. Here's my post about it, probably not quite what you expect: http://zemeks.blogspot.com/2009/10/how-motherhood-changed-me-writers.html

  2. Visiting from Mama Kats...

    Wait ... are you Nicole Richie??? : ) (If you don't get the reference, she was a renowned party girl who now seems to have settled nicely into motherhood -- just like you.)

    At least you won't feel like you never got to "live it up!"

  3. I totally agree.....I thought I would find it boring just staying home with a good film and food with the hubby, but I am just too tired to care anymore! Makes the times we do really go out fun! ;-)

    Great blog! Feel free to check mine out at:


  4. You are what you are and that's all that you are. Sorry to mis-quote Popeye, I couldn't help myself.

    I find that a lot of people agree with your statement that you are surprised to enjoy being square. Taking on the challenges of parenthood can seem dull, but there are rewards that no party can top.

    Thank you for sharing,

  5. Thank you so much for your nice comments!
    @jenners: I wish I would be Nicole Richie *gg*

  6. Babies take the party right out of us don't they!?! They just make us too dang tired. :)


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