04 December 2009

Can't touch this

Well, I know that kids do have a mind of their own. D has a strong character. If he doesn't get what he wants then he starts screaming and crying trying to impress his parents. But we always stay consequent and he stops screaming quite fast. He knows it's useless.

And of course there are some book-shelfes and cupboards where he's not allowed touch or open. D really likes to put all the books out of the shelf and all my pots, too. I could tell him "no" as often as I want - and I'm sure he understands what "no" means - but he never listens. Or he listens, looking at me, shaking his head as though he understands, smiles at me - and keep on going… It's always the same. Just like he wants to annoy me.

I think that he just wants to know if I stay consequent and tests his limits. But it's quite exhausting to look after him non-stop and try to explain why he's not allowed to do it.
Sometimes I want to record a tape with "no, don't do this" and "no, not this" and play it regularly. Or just play "Can't touch this" by MC Hammer. This would be so much easier, wouldn't it? But it wouldn't help me if he touches the flowers and ruin them. Then I need to put him away.
Two minutes later he's at the flowers again.
Sometimes I am curious what's on his mind. I really am.

How about your kids? The same? Or is it just D?


  1. My daughter loved to pull out books from the bookshelf- it annoyed my husband way more than it annoyed me though. She grew out of it....now we are in the "don't pick your nose" phase, which is a little harder because her nose is always "there" for picking! ;) Good luck:)

  2. I guess she'll grow out of it soon, too ;-)


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