07 December 2009

TTMMD: Monday

On Monday I will link you to a funny, wonderful, smart post that made my day throughout the week.

This week I want to present you the "Dear Baby" blog. A mom2be is blogging about her pregnancy and experiences she makes while being pregnant.
She did two post which make me laugh and I love how cool her blogging style is.

The first one was "How to travel with a pregnant woman" which totally speaks for itself.
The second was about encouraging her during labor.

Check out her blog and enjoy it :-)

Have a wonderful start in this new week!

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  1. Kyrsten- thanks so much for featuring my blog! I look forward to reading through your archives and getting to know your blog too. I love Mommy blogs and I'm always looking for new ones to add to my daily reads. Thanks so much again and happy holidays!



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