02 March 2010


(what a cool word...)

If I wouldn't know it better, I'd say I'm pregnant.
Yes, all symptoms are there and it feels real: I'm totally tired and am able to sleep the whole day through, I'm always hungry and could eat a bunch of food and I'm still hungry and there's a dragging pain in my underbelly.
But to face reality I know that it's impossible. Maybe it's really just imaginativeness coz I really wish to be pregnant now.
Hubby looked at me with horror when I told him about those symptoms. He thinks it's too early to be pregnant again. And there are some insecurities with his job as they want to reduce their loan and working hours. If they really vote it through than we're in real trouble and we need to say good-bye to another kid. I need to get back to work then.

I do hesitate if I should do a pregnancy test so that I'm really sure. I really wish to get pregnant again, having a sibling for D as he likes kids really much, getting another aggregation of hubby and me. On the other side it's a big financial risk and I'm not sure if I can challenge so much trouble...

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