29 March 2010

Never Wanna See You Unhappy

I don't know why but there's trouble in the air. There are some couples just around me who have trouble in their marriage. And this scares me a lot. A lot lot!

One of my friends told me that her husband even sleeps in a seperate bed because he don't want to stay up at night when the kids are crying and he also don't want their kids in the bed. She's quite unhappy and told me it's like a "partnership of convenience". He doesn't help her with the household or the kids. He says, he's working and needs his spare time and don't want to waste it by playing with the kids. So there's no chance to her to go out and relax.
Another one told me that she's going to get divorced soon because she couldn't stand the thought to live with her husband until death do them part. But she just didn't do the step to split up because of their son. So if they won't have a kid she would've been gone already.
Hubby's best friend's wife has trouble with her husband because she thinks he's cheating on her (and there are some reasons that argue against him) and there is so much distrust in their marriage now. They both feel unhappy and uncomfortable with each other and don't kiss or talk anymore.

I could go on and on with that list. And it scares me so much that we'll be the next couple with trouble...
But instead enjoying being happily married and work on this I do ruin it. I don't know why but I try to ruin my marriage before getting in trouble. That's stupid, I know that. I just experienced that yesterday when we had an argument because of a silly thing.
How dumb am I? Ruining a happy marriage because I got scared of others who are in trouble? Damn it!
I really want to safe my marriage, I do love my husband and I want to spent my whole life with him! So as we say "Einsicht ist der erste Schritt zur Besserung!" which says as much as "Knowing your faults is the first step towards improvement!".

I really do hope that the other couples are finding their way back to a happy marriage or find a straight way to split up.


  1. Sometimes, it's easier to sabatoge things for ourselves than to deal with the idea that it could be destroyed by someone else. Hang in there! Enjoy your happy marriage!

  2. Have you tried the Fireproof challenge? It's really great, there is a book and a movie. it's all about making your marriage fireproof. My husband and I have the movie, I would be glad to send it to yo if you would like it. Just email me :) kelly t jennings at yahoo dot com


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