27 November 2009


Well, I never ever wanted to look like a mom. You know: not showered with a hair like a mess, a stressy face, letting everyone know that I'm exhausted.
I always wanted to look like I'm organized. Showered, hair done, nice clothes, whatever. Leaving home like everyone else…

But well, life's not always a bowl of cherries! So now as a mommy I really look like a mommy: hair like a mess, exhausted, stressed.
I always try to be showered when leaving the house and that works quite fine. Also putting on new and clean clothes.

Except yesterday! I was around with my fav grey shirt, cooking and changing diapers and going out to the building center. In the evening, I visited a friend who helped me with some computer issues. Then I went visiting my parents who had guests and talked with them, too. When I came home some hours later and put down my jacket - I saw it: a big stain! *shock*
The whole day I ran around with this stain!
How embarassing!

Maybe most of you think that it's not a big thing b/c it may happen very often. Not to me. Really. It never in this year of being a mommy happened that I wore a dirty shirt. So now I'm checking my clothes twice before leaving the house - even my hair is a mess...

Do those things happen to you, too? How do you handle it?

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