03 November 2009

Random Facts

Well, I just wanted to give some random facts about me as a mommy and my son D.

My pregnancy was the best pregnancy a woman can wish for. I had no problems, no sickness in the first month, just an uncontrollable circulation. The birth was quite the opposite, it took about 14 hrs from the first medical induction until the arrival of our little boy.
I didn't nurse. I didn't want to but I tried it and D didn't want to nurse then and when he was OK with it I had enough... So he got bottles of milk and for me, it was the best decision. I enjoyed that his dad was able to feed him, too which was quite comfortable at night.
We used diapers like Pampers and Huggies from the beginning. I really did think about using cloth diapers but as there was no laundry nearby to clean them. Because I didn't want to wash them...
And I haven't cooked for him yet. He get those baby menus out of glasses and gets some real food now when we are eating.
I did go to a course of baby massage (for D) and belly dancing (for me and my pelvic floor) and enjoyed both veeery much.
For me, it was important to stay at home and be there for my son. I want to see him making his first step and saying "Mama" for the first time and so on.

So that's it for now...
I think something like that will follow somewhen again :-)

Have a nice day out there!

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