02 November 2009

Wide Open

Have you ever noticed that you put your mouth open when feeding your kid? No? Me not, too.
But my husband says I do. Honestly, this must look sooooo dump and when he told me I was kind of embarassed. I was very attentive when I feed D - and hey, he was right.

So now I work on it that I keep my mouth shut when D opens his. This must look quite weird for other people and I'm sure I did open my mouth too when I fed D in a restaurant or whereever. I just asked why he didn't told me this earlier and do you know what his answer was? >>I thought it was cute...<<
How can I be angry with him when getting such a nice answer? Damn it... *gg*

But yesterday D's gotmother and her husband visited us and we ask her hubby to feed D. And guess what? He did open his mouth when D opened his too. And I did say nothing at all. Mean, I know. But I was just very relieved that this happens to other people as well ;-)

I'll keep watching other moms and dads if they open their mouth while feeding their kid... And I bet you'll be more attentive, too, won't you?

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