10 December 2009

It's my party...

Today's my birthday.
My 28th birthday.
Damn, time flies by…

But honestly I don't like my birthday. To me it's a day like every day. It's nothing special.
I never celebrated my birthday coz I never know why I should celebrate getting old.
Maybe it's because my granny died in the night to my 16th birthday.
Maybe it's because I'm in the centre of attention.

I loved celebrating my son's birthday last month (I haven't posted about it yet as though my computer had a breakdown around his birthday). It was nice and yes, it was something special to me. Although I reflected the whole day of his birth which wasn't fun at all.

But this year I will celebrate my birthday. With my family tonight and my friend's will be around on Saturday. I will cook and I really hope that we all have a good time.
That I will have a great time.
Enjoying the day I'm getting older.
Giving those people who do love me the most the chance to celebrate my birth and be thankful for it.

I think I'll be back on Friday, maybe Monday.
Have a good time Ladies - and Gens!

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