09 December 2009

Writer's Workshop V

It's time again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. This week is a benefit week so it's all about Anissa and Liz's Foundation. You can read their stories here. And this week's prompts can be found here.

I chose the letter to Anissa, prompt No. 5

Dear Anissa,
I will be honest: I do not know how you feel or what your family and friends feel like. I do not know how you or your husband felt when it happened. And well, honestly, I do not want to know. I do not mean it bad but I think nobody wants to make this experience…
Sure, there happened some bad stuff to a friend's husband and my cousin.
My cousin had a special paralysis and as he is very sporty he knows his body quite well. He did react very very fast and so they gave him some medicine and after some weeks he could walk around again. After some months he was totally healthy. Of course, it was a shock but his fast regeneration was great. When I really realized what happened they told us that he is going to get back to his old form again.
My friend's husband had a bad accident. He was a good and very careful paraglider but caused by some air turbulences he fell about 20 metres down on a hill. In hospital, he was comatose for some days. After waking him up they told him that he is paraplegic. After some weeks in hospital and a month in rehab he was allowed to get home. They moved in a small flat which is made for wheelchairs and stuff. Now, they're building a house and planning to get pregnant again.
Both had so much luck and the hope and caring love of their families and friends make them to get healthy and that they do not lose their lust for life. With these true stories I want to give you hope and that it is soooo worth to fight.
I am sure that you are able to enjoy life at its fullest again someday. Take the time you need and do not lose hope. Life and the love of your family is worth everything!
Wishing you all the best!


  1. Those are great inspirational stories you shared! You wrote a very encouraging letter here. Good job!

    Visiting from Writer's Workshop.

  2. I couldn't imagine being in any of their shoes. What a battle...they have to fight though!

  3. @ kat: Me neither...

    Thank you for commenting :-)


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