17 December 2009

It's such a perfect day...

Yesterday, we had an appointment with our hairdresser to be pretty at the holidays. Even D got his hair cut as though I'm scared to do it on my own.

After this thing done we went to our wonderful Christmas market. It's a special one as we do have a Middle Ages Christmas market with people in those old costumes and you can get mead and other specialties from this era. There weren't much visitors so it was great to walk through with the stroller without getting evil eyes. We ate some Bratwurst and trank Gl├╝hwein and just enjoyed the time.

Then we met my former nail art artist and she got pregnant 2 months after myself. But she got twins. And if she ever starts talking she won't stop - until you'd be rude and tell her to stop. So she told us about her experiences with the twins, that people always want to see the twins and touch then and so on. Then she told us the stories as one of her boys fell down off the changing table and broke his upper arm at the age of 8 months. And she keeps on telling and telling and telling and telling and telling... D fluttered and started screaming as he wanted to go on, same with us. So yes, I was rude and told her that we still need to do our Christmas shopping but it was nice meeting her. She looked quite disappointed but well went on with her stuff.

We went Christmas shopping for our parents (gift certificates for a brunch at the Best Western Hotel), my hubby's godchild (a game) and her sister (gift certificate for the movies) and for my friend's daughter (a pyjama for her doll). I still do not have a gift for my brother and even don't have a clue. Any ideas for a 25 year old young single man who's always busy?

At home after this long day out in the city (we live in the suburbs) I needed to clean up and so on. My hubby told me he just wants to sleep and went to bed, D was nearly asleep, too so I needed to clean it up all by myself. I asked my hubby to install the "fence" at D's kiddy room door but he doesn't want to. So I did it. I was pissed. And oh we had a hard argument. He was rude and acted like an a**hole, told me some macho-like stuff like "you are the wifey, I go to work". I HATE stuff like that. We are married, a team and we should help each other with everything.
Well, in the end we ended up in different rooms, not talking anymore. D was very confused and screamed.

We talked things out before he left for work. But well, I think we need some time for us, just as a couple...

Have a nice day out there!

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