04 December 2009

What if...

I'm just coming home from the movies. I watched the new "Twilight" movie with a friend - her boyfriend and my husband didn't want to see it so we did went alone.
It's a great film. Different from the book but well done.

But I do not understand why Bella chooses Edward. Why does she choose him instead of Jake? To me Jake is the man of my dreams. He's tall and musculine and warm and he's a mechanic.
Why does she choose cold Edward who hurts her so much. He always promises not to hurt her - and he does it again and again.
Jake's character is so pure and he's always honest. He does his utmost to make Bella feel comfortable. To me he would be more than just a friend.
What if Bella had chosen Jake to be her boyfriend, not Edward? Would she be happier?

Really I never understood Bella's obsession for Edward. Yes his family is kind and fascinating and it's a great adventure. But she really loves him - I couldn't comprehend it. Do you?
I read all 4 books and I still don''t understand...
Maybe one of you could explain it to me?!

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