03 December 2009

Writer's Workshop IV

It's time for Kat's Writer's Workshop again. Check out her blog for this week's prompts.

I chose No. 4 - once more. I don't know why but No. 4 is always on my side ;-)
Celebrating Christmas without money issues - well, there are two options:

1) An island in the sun: Maledives or the Arabian Emirates like Dubai.
Having a luxury hotel where's a huuuge Christmas tree in the lobby. I would like to have a nice suite, we'd have a 5-course-dinner at the beach with Christmas decoration and candle-light. Don't forget the champagne and a nice dress. It would be so different and a special experience celebrating Christmas in the sun at the beach.
The other days we'll be on the beach or in the spa, enjoying all the luxury...

2) A winter dream: the Alpes (Suisse) or Norway.
We'd have a nice little lodge made of wood and a big window where you can see all aver a wonderful snowy landscape. Of course, there's a huge and all made up Christmas tree. We'd sit by the big window and watch the sun go down behind the snowy horizon and we have a simple dinner, champagne. We'd snuggle in warm blankets, in front of the fireplace.
The other days we'll go snowboarding and skiing, building snow men and having a funny snowball fight…

Yes, this would be a perfect Christmas Eve and holidays *dreaming*

Have a nice day Ladies - and Gens!


  1. It would be great celebrating Christmas in the sun. Well for me it is always sunny here in the tropics.. so I guess having a white winter would be a change for us.

  2. Hm, of the two choices here I think I'd choose the luxury hotel in the warmer climate although it wouldn't seem at all like Christmas to me because I'm used to snow for Christmas but really hate the cold weather. I like the snuggling in warm blankets by the fire though in scenario two. I really think I'd rather be at home for Christmas though--I'm sure I would.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

  3. I agree, that would be a perfect way to spend the holidays.

  4. I'll take the vacation on the island in the sun!!!!

  5. I'm with you on #2! I love wintery-weather and fireplaces! Stopping over from Mama Kat's!

  6. My Bday is the day after Christmas, so I vote for the beach! Bring on the sun and some fruity alcoholic beverages!!

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments :-)
    Interesting to see what you'd choose.
    @ blue zoo: Right, I forgot the cocktails... *g*


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