01 December 2009

Interactive on Tuesday I

You can find the instructions here...

This Tuesday I want to find associations to tattoos.
So here is mine:

I love tattoos. I really do. I do have two by myself and I'm sure that there will be more some time. Mine are not big ones, just some small ones with a huge meaning to me. I'm not the type who gets tattooed just to be "in". All the pain is worth the nice piece that will show up in the end. (After the birth of D I told the midwife that I'd rather have my whole body tattooed than giving birth again… :P Her point of view was the opposite.)

Yes, there are people who are tattooed all over and non of the tattoos have a meaning, they just wanted to be tattooed. And there are people who are a gesamtkunstwerk.

And I love pictures of tattooed brides. They are something special and unusual and with the right dress they look really fab!

And now I am curious to know what you think of tattoos. Do you have some on your own? Don't forget to join in :-) I really would appreciate it although I know that I cannot expect much on my first one…

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