07 January 2010


D is teething again. I think his back teeth are going to break through. And yes, they all told me that these teeth are the worst. D already has 8 teeth and we didn't have any problems yet. Of course, he is drooling but that was all. Yes, we were lucky so far.
Not so now. Last night, he started crying. So I headed over to his room and gave him some globules to ease the pain a bit. Then he tried to fall asleep again and I wanted to leave his room. But then he started crying again. So I sat down next to his bed and sat there until we fell asleep again.
Back in my bed I couldn't sleep. An hour later, when I just started to fall asleep, he cried again. This time hubby went over to him. Daddy calmed him and so he fell asleep faster.
I really hope that this will not be like this every night…

And as I sat there by D's bed, in the middle of the night, trying to stay awake and not to collapse I thought about having a baby. I remembered that then I need to stay up every 3 hours approx. every night. So as I won't breastfeed I really need to stay up for a bit. Well, I think I'm not ready for this thing, yet.

Have a nice day :-)

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