05 January 2010

Bad, I'm bad, I'm really really bad

Happy New Year Bloggers out there! :-)

Yes. I'm a bad blogger these days! And I'm sorry for that.
My hubby is still on holidays so blogging is difficult for me. And I got a cold, too.
I hope that we'll get back to everyday life from Monday on. Then, my hubby needs to work again and we'll have routine again.

Then I get back to my blogging routine, as well. My TTMMD posts and maybe I'll make it to get a new carnival started on Tuesday.

This week many things are going on. Yesterday we were invited to a birthday. Tomorrow's my Mom's birthday and on Thursday my FIL turnes 70 so there's a big party going on, too. Hopefully I am able to join in the carnivals this week.

So I'm going back to bed to recover.

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