11 January 2010

This and That and Everything

Good Morning Ladies - and Gens!
Hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the snow - snow is nearly everywhere around the world now, isn't it?
My weekend was very lame. As I'm ill I was in bed most of the time or sitting on the couch watching TV. So nothing happened...

Yes, normally it's time for my TTMMD on Monday. I won't do this anymore. Remember, Monday I featured a great post from other bloggers but as I'm a small blogger this wasn't successful. And so Mama Kat and Tamara are doing this thing for me now ;-)
But of course I will read your posts and then leave you a comment when I really liked it!

Let's talk about my resolutions for 2010:
  • I want to win more readers and wish to have about 100 readers by the end of the year. I really try to post regularly and interesting stuff.
  • Getting pregnant somewhen within the year - we haven't started yet.
  • Making up a new carnival on Tuesday or Monday. Hope that it will be successful!
That's it. Short but doable :-)

And I'm really glad that our everyday life started. As much as I love my husband and enjoy when he's on holiday and staying with us every das as much I'm glad that he's working again and that I'm able to blog and have some time for myself. I need this and enjoy it quite much!
Don't you enjoy some hours you have on your own? It's like holiday for me ;-) Just hanging around, not to look after D or doing any household stuff - just watching TV, chatting or reading a good book. Damn, those moments are so precious!

So this is what I'm doing now. Hubby is still at work and D is doing his nap - so it's Mommy Time! I will have myself something to eat and watch TV :-)

Have a wonderful start in a nice - and snowy - week!

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  1. Oh, so thankful for naps.

    There is nothing better than going to bathroom without having to repeat over and over "Its okay mommy's just in the bathroom, I'll be right there." not having to hide and eat. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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