12 January 2010


That morning was really great. I enjoyed it very much and D does as well. He played in his room and I did some household and read my blogs...

Then he decided to help me. This is really nice - unless he wants to help in the bathroom. As I put out the laundry of the washing machine to put the clothes in the tumbler or to hang up the clothes he first put the laundry on the floor. Just pulled them out and put them on the floor. Yes, I know, that's his way to help me. But it isn't right.
I asked him to stop as fresh clothes are never put on the floor. He stopped.

And from one second to the other - the whole bathroom floor was flooded with water. D sat right in the middle of the puddle. He was so shocked that everything was wet and he didn't understand. I screech as I got frightened. Then I took D and sat him on the step to the bathtube, the only dry place in the whole bathroom, and started to mop up the whole thing with some towels. Then D realized that he's wet and did something wrong and started to cry. He sat there on the step with this wet trousers and socks and cried.

God, damn, this was soooo sweet. So I paused mopping up and comforted him. I explained what happened and that I first need to mop up the water and then got him changed. He calmed down, sat good on his step and watched his mommy mopping up the disaster he made up.

But well, I cannot blame him for what he did. He just wanted to play with the bucket half full of water which his mommy didn't put away. Coz she was too lazy to walk with the bucket to the seperate toilet to pour it out. That's the truth. I was too lazy. So this was my punishment.

After mopping everything up I took D to change his clothes. And everything was wet. His socks with the rubber sole, his pants, his tights and his onesie. Yay! So I need to change really the whole boy, except his shirt...

You always get a pay-back for being lazy, don't you? I guess, I learned from this thing... Hopefully!

Have a nice day :-)

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