13 January 2010

Writer's Workshop VIII

Time again for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop! Check out this week's prompts here.

This week it's a really hard choice. First I didn't want to do no.4 coz I thought this would be a very short letter and too personally. But as I got no idea for the other prompts (maybe no.2 would've possible) I do it either.
So, here we go:

>>Dear M.
I wanted to thank you. I wanted to thank you for ruining my young life. I wanted to thank you for being so mean to me. I wanted to thank you for the shitty sexual life. I wanted to thank you for treating me like a piece of shit.
Because all this made me stronger and made me the way I am now. I cannot believe that I ever would thank you some day. But that's the way it is.
I was shy. I was young. I was horrible in dealing with boys. I was good in school. I had a perfect apprenticeship. And I lost all of it just because you came into my life.
I left my home. I left my family. I left my friends. I left everything. I quit my job. I moved to a city I didn't know. All alone. Just because of you.
I needed to get grown up very very fast. Too fast. With 19 I had more life experience than everyone being older. And I had the most deepest wound in my soul than anyone I've ever met. Just because of you.
But it changed my life. Completely. I knew I am strong and a fighter. I experienced that I can challenge everything and win. Who I am now, a grown-up girl with much self-confidence, successful in her job after finishing a new apprenticeship and a wonderful mother (but a not so good wife - because of you!), is the conclusion of the horrible time I needed to spend with you.
So thank you making me such a great person!
But there's one more thing I wanna tell you: M., I fu**ing hate you and I wish you all the worst a person could get!
With all the hate, deep from the bottom of my lost soul, your Ex<<

*taking a very deep breath*
This is a time of my life I never ever wanted to remember again. It's OK. It's a loooooong time ago and I did quite well to forget it. But it was the worst thing I've ever experienced so I just let it be…
Have a wonderful day!


  1. You know, I thought about doing this prompt as well, but I just couldn't. I did the same thing as you for a guy when I was 19, abandoned my life just to be with him because I thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread....turns out he was a piece of crap! But now I am with a guy who loves me for who I am and would never ask me to change my entire life (and where I live for him). I think everyone has to have at least one crummy ex!

  2. Glad you could let it out and move on. I agree with Amanda, I think we all have at least one completely dreadful ex on file. Mine has a laundry list of faults, most of which I tried to accept because I thought I was lucky to be with him. Thankfully, I figured it out at some point.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's Writers Workshop!

  3. awesome letter, I was going to do this one to but was not brave enough :)

  4. Thank you all for your encouraging comments! And yes, I think you're right saying there's one awful ex in every woman's life...

  5. Yeah - you used my prompt! Good for you! That is one of those things that most people aren't brave enough to share about (including me). But your spin on it was really nice. I think in the end, all you can do is thank the people who put you through hardships because it does make you stronger - and then it makes you appreciate it when are in a healthy relationship. Thanks for posting!

  6. Oh what I wanted to say: he's now married (to which he was nearly forced as though he never wanted to get married) to a fat b*tch who probably will get pregnant right out of heaven (and he never wanted kids either). So I think everyone gets what they deserve...
    Alecia: Thanks for your nice comment :-)


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