01 February 2010

Not Me! Monday - 02/01/10 (first time)

Yes, unbelievable, but it's my first time I join in MckMama's carnival.

Here we go:
> It was not me who was lying in bed the whole Friday and Saturday. And of course, it was not me who bursted into tears every 30 minutes on Saturday, out of the sudden. It wasn't me who didn't sleep last week, I didn't lay awake every night.
And in no way, it was not me who was drunk of 2 glasses of red wine on that 40's birthday party we were invited to. So, it wasn't me either who was glad that D was staying with his grandparents the whole Sunday. Hubby and I didn't spend our Sunday on the couch watching soccer and get asleep. <

Hope this was right and I really don't know why I haven't joined in earlier. It's fun and really, there's no guilt ;-)

Have a nice day!

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