02 February 2010


My mornings are soooo boring, relating to blogging. There are veeeery few bloggers round here during my morning. When it's afternoon there are more and in the evening I got many stuff to read through.
It's logical, different time zones and I'm 6 to 9 hours earlier awake than the US-blogger-fraction. Sometimes I really try to put up my daily post. But sometimes, like yesterday or today, I'm lack of creativity. So today I cleaned the apartment. This afternoon, it's grandparents day and I have some hours free. Hubby is at work and I don't know yet what to do that afternoon. Maybe I'll go to a baby shop or register D at the playschool (it's called Kindergarten here and it's for kids between 3 and 6 yrs, before they go to school) or go shopping or visit a second-hand-shop to sell my old clothes (which I never ever will be able to wear again) or just stay at home and sleep. But that would be stupid...
I think I go shopping and register D at the "Kindergarten". Sounds good, don't it?

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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  1. Yeah I usually don't post until lunchtime, I did use scheduled posts for a while and I'm going to start a series of posts reflecting on some old stories so I'll probably schedule them for 8:30am in the UK. Enjoy your afternoon.


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