21 February 2010

The Question

Yes, a Sunday post *shock* Uhm, hubby's still sleeping as though he needed to work at night and I'm a little bored. So I thought I'll post a bit...

And there's one question I wanna talk about. One question which really needles me. One question I get asked more often than "How do you do?". This one question get me down. And this one question infringe on my privacy.
What question? You really wanna know?
It's: "When will D get a sibling?" Or: "When will you get pregnangt again?" Or: "Already planning the second?" And the best version: "When will your second kid be born?"

Oh, this annoys me so much. I feel really annoyed when I hear that sort of question. I'd never do that. Never. I think it's the decision of the parents. I'm not allowed to put pressure on them. That's no concern of mine.
And yes, I do expect the same respect from others. They'll tell me when they got pregnant or if they plan another one or whatever.

So whenever someone asks this question I do react like this: "Another one? Hell, no! One is stressy enough and I don't feel like getting through this all again. We will have an only child. Really, we will!"
Reactions? Shock! And this is what I want. This reaction points out that they never ask again.
We told our parents and our very best friends that we're planning to get pregnant again this year. Nothing more. They need to wait, too. I don't want any pressure from others asking if I'm already pregnant. I want to have fun planning the second kid. Not thinking I'm on duty, if you know what I mean.

Any other experiences on this thing?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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