23 February 2010

Things That Make YOUR Day - 02/23/10 -

Well, maybe you remember that I want to put up a new carnival on Tuesday? And you know that I do have my TTMMD (Things That Make My Day) on Thursday and Friday?

Every Tuesday, you have the chance to tell me TTMYD - Things That Make Your Day. No matter if it's a kid's thing, that you got some flowers out of the blue or win the lottery - I'm sure there are some things or even one thing that makes your day!

I will put this thing up weekly and hope you'll join in :-)

So I'm going to start today:
My day makes D. He did his first real steps alone. I'm soooo proud and glad that he walks now, even just for some steps.
And even the weather makes my day. It's hopefully getting spring. It's warm (11°C/52°F) and the air smells like spring, like flowers blooming and like trees getting green again.

Now, it's your turn - what makes your day?

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  1. Hallo,
    ich komm grad von MckMama rüber. Wollte mal fragen ob du jetzt in den USA lebst oder noch in Deutschland. Ich zieh im Oktober rüber und suche Leute die sich mit dem Transport von Möbeln auskennen!? Wie teuer sowas ist, an welchem Hafen etc! Wäre schön wenn du mir emailen könntest, falls du irgendwas darüber weisst!! (koejes@web.de)
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Great idea! I already have a blog post schedules for later today but I'll try to remember to join in soon. Yay for first steps!

    Today the sunshine has made my day, it was already daylight when we travelled to work this morning and the sun has continued to shine. I went for a walk at lunch time and saw a dear and a couple of squirels.

  3. Thanks for telling me about your friend and the gender test! I took it this morning, and the results were very tricky! I could truly read it either way - a boy OR a girl! So now we're back to where we were. Ha! We'll just have to wait until March. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    And my daughter's smile...that makes my day. :) Enjoy yours!


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