25 February 2010

Writer's Workshop - Brea's problem

OK it's late now and uhm I really want to play SIMS now but I'm going to join in the Writer's Workshop first. It's hosted by Mama Kat and you'll find this week's prompts here.
Join in :-)

This week, it's a very tough decision. I suspended last week coz I got no inspiration :-(
But I think No.2 is the right thing for today...

Brea has a problem with an anonymous something telling her that she shouldn't post about her kid and show picture and so on. Well, isn't that what blogging is about?
But back to the problem: I experienced those blog stalker (I don't know what to call them...) with some wedding blogs. And with my wedding blog. I put up a wedding blog to keep our friends and relatives up-to-date with the planning. Blogging about wedding stuff was great and I read sooo many other wedding blogs and this was awesome. I even did a diary blog about D. Until I received an anonymous comment on my wedding blog. And I found out who it was and why.
It was someone my hubby knew many years before we met. I don't know how she found our blog but well, she did. And she was jealous. She wanted to pair her best friend off with hubby - and he put her down. She wanted to crash our wedding and put some bad stuff on us.
This was the moment that I closed the blogs down, privatized the wedding and D.'s blog. And this was the best decision I could've made.
But I wanted to talk about my motherhood and D. and my life. So I put up this incognito profile, no pics, no full names, no cities. Just to protect my privacy!

Some of those other brides-to-be told the world everything, all details. Date and Time of the wedding, which church and which pastor they chose, where the reception will take place. And to be honest: I was surprised that they hadn't any wedding crashers...

So think about what you reveal and what you want the world to know. If you're too open you shouldn't be surprised if you'll get a blog stalker at all...

Brea, I hope I could help you... Hope your stalker will give up soon!

Enjoy your night! :-)

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  1. Kyrsten, Thanks for the advice. Lots to think about.


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