23 February 2010


Somewhen today, my tongue felt quite funny. I couldn't describe how but it felt unnormal. That night, after dinner, it felt furry. Yes. Just out of the blue. I was a bit concerned coz I was ill quite often and I don't want to see my doctor again. He'd think I'm a stalker or something like that. But a furry tongue isn't a good sign, don't you think?
So I looked it up in the net. Thank God for the internet, I'd be lost without it…
On some hits they said it's because of antibiotics or allergies or vitamin deficiency. And there were a lot of other frightening illnesses like diabetes and stroke. I don't wanna think about this things so I first thought it's still because of the antibiotics. But it's a week now since I took the last tablet so it's unlikely. And then, I couldn't remember when I ate an apple or other fruits or fresh vegetables. When I told hubby that I think to have a vitamin deficiency he was laughing and told me that this couldn't happen to us. I told him that I didn't eat fruits or vegetables for a very long time. Just toast, raspberry jam, noodles and meat. Well, there are not enough vitamins to stay healthy…
Now, I don't wonder of being ill so often anymore. I decided to eat more oranges and apples and papricas and other healthy, full of vitamin food. This is good for my figure, too.
I will cook more often and get back to my "Metabolic Balance" a bit. At this time, I wasn't ill at all. I was just aggressive because I wasn't allowed to eat enough *gg*

As they say: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" (and probably a furry tongue as well…)

Have a nice day!

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