01 March 2010

Saturday Night

Good morning world! Hope you had a great weekend and did enjoy it. I did :-)

Saturday afternoon we took D to the in-laws as he'd stayed with them until Sunday. It was the first time he stayed there over night and so I wrote my IL an "instruction manual" when D is eating, going to bed and waking up. All those things that are daily routine but the grandparents don't know. Usually, D stays with my parents once a month that we can go out. But we are invited to a wedding party (my mom's godchild) and we won't take D with us. So he needs somewhere to stay and the IL are a good solution. But we decided it's best if they'll do a trial sleep-over-night that both of them get used to it a bit - in case that it won't work or questions come up. But everything was fine and so I'll do not need to worry.

After we took D there we were out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant (I think the regular readers already found out that we love Italian restaurants...). Then we picked up some friends and got to a billard hall to play billards and table football. We had a lot of fun although we found out we're not used to this anymore. I was sooo tired and they were, too. Finally, we got to a bar as well. But this was such a wrong decision. I'm sure we raised the average age for about 5 years (we are between 28 and 35). The music was quite loud and we wondered that House music is still up to date. Our cocktails took hours to arrive. But we laughed quite much at those teens, especially at the girls with their deep neckline and high-heels they couldn't walk in.
Although we were tired and "old" we had a blast and enjoyed it very much :-) It was a nice night out and I think we will do this somewhen again!

Sunday, we were able to sleep in and have a wonderful breakfast before picking up D.

So, the weekend was really gread and I did enjoy it very, very much!

Have a wonderful Monday and a good start into this first week of March (time's flying fast, isn't it?)!

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