12 March 2010

TTMMD: Friday - 03/12/10 -

As I do have a sensitive day today - typical female stuff, you know - I would like to share my today's fav song: Peter Gabriel's "Don't give up"

Later, I'll have an appointment at a nail studio for a manicure and tomorrow we're going to attend a wedding-beach-party. Unfortunately, it's no real wedding and no reception. It's just a beach party for celebrating that they're wedded now. They got married on an island of Thailand some months ago and now, they want to celebrate it with us.
To me, this is a bit weird as we have snow outside and it's f*cking cold. And then I'll attend an indoor beach party with a summer dress and flip-flops. But I'm excited, too and curious about it.

So, have a wonderful weekend yourself! :-)

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