15 March 2010


As I mentioned on Friday, we were invited to a wedding party on Saturday night.
My great cousin and her now husband got married at a wonderful beach on a Thai island in December 2009. And as they wanted to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends nevertheless the planned to have a beach party.
To me (and not only to me) it was a bit weird. They hired an indoor beach hall to celebrate. Outside, there's still snow and it was really cold. But you never wear a sweater at the beach, do you? So I dressed like going to a summer party: a purple summer dress, a bolero and coz of the cold I wore a leggins, too. For the journey to the indoor beach hall I wore my boots and changed to flip flops there.

And damn, we had fun. It was a really great party! Nice music, yummy food (they had a Spanferkel/sucking pig and a chocolate fountain) and we played beach volleyball and danced. We had a great time :-)

The next morning, we met with my great cousin and her husband for breakfast and we could talk unhurriedly. Then we drove back home, picked up D at my in-laws and enjoyed the rest of the sunday.

So, we had a great weekend and enjoyed the time very much. Although I felt that I'm just complete with D and hubby! :-)

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