08 March 2010

Two In One

Today, I had an appointment at a dermatologist. Usually, this isn't the kind of doctor I'm visiting. Actually, I never visit a dermatologist. I just did as a teen coz of my really bad acne. (Finally, they sent me to the gyn for getting the Pill and the problem stopped!)
So, I haven't been to a dermatologist for about 15 years. As I sat there in the waiting room, waiting to get called for the doctor, I wondered why all the other people are there. And damn, there are maaaany reasons for seeing a dermatologist: verrucas, cancer prevention, neurodermatitis etc. My head keeps spinning around and the longer I sat there the worser und uncomfortable I felt. I thought, waiting there was disgusting... (Same as peeing at the gyn - you never know if there was someone with a clap or anything else.)
OK, I sat there for about 45 minutes and this is quite a long time. Even if there are no magazines to read. And as I just own a hundred years old cell, I couldn't play or blog or whatever. Gladly, I had my super cute and practical planner with me for starting with this post ;-)
I just finished it when they called me in. The dermatologist looked at the small blisters at my hand (my mom presumed that they are sebaceous glands and my brother's new girlfriend - a nurse to be - said it could be verrucas) and asked me straight away: "Are you pregnant?" I looked at her "Uhm no, not as far as I know" and she just nodded. I asked her why she posed this question and she told me that those blisters can happen with pregnancy. This confused me... After all, she said that that these are blisters caused by stress. Yes, stress blisters. Funny, don't you think? I don't know why I got stress blisters but well, they are there. So, I was very glad that the blisters are harmless.

When I got home, I did a pregnancy test. Remember, that I wanted to do it either? The dermatologist really confused my with her question so I need to know for sure. It was negative. Of course, it was negative!

I will go to bed now, put the doctor's cream on the blisters and hope to sleep well. And hopefully, the fairy of dreams shoo the stress away... :-)

Good Night!

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  1. I'm always self conscious when I go to the dermatologist! Like they are going to tear me apart for not wearing enough sun screen or something!


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