29 April 2010

Avocation Needed

This week, it's sunny and very warm and so I'll be outside as often as possible - the cause of my lack of blogging...

So, well, I think I need your help!
As you all know we're planning to get pregnant again this year. I learned that if you're concentrating too much on getting pregnant it won't work out. So if there's some serious avocation you're getting crowned with success faster.
The first pregancy happened while planning the wedding (so we needed to postpone it). I was so into wedding planning that it worked like a charm.

Now, I need some other avocation. Sure, D is avocation but I need something non-kid related if possible.
Here are some suggestion I already made to myself:
- taking a sewing course (I cannot sew and I always want to learn it for real)
- building the perfect farm on Farmville (which will be just a short project)
- knitting some kid's clothes or a scarf (and learning how-to)

So, what else? Are there any suggestion from your side? Please, let me know!

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day!

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