15 April 2010

Thursday Five - 04/15/10

I just found out that Keely over at MannLand5 has this blog thing called "Thursday Five". It's about 5 happy, joyful and positive things that happened to you the past week. Great idea so I think I'll give it a try :-)

Hop over if you're nosy!

1) Went shopping on Tuesday. My parents took D over for some hours and I had some time to go shopping unhurriedly.

2) D is doing 2-hours-nappings this week and I appreciate it much.

3) I was softly woken up by hubby and D this morning as they kissed me rotationally :-) I love D's drool-y kisses...

4) Sleeping in last Sunday and have a nice breakfast with hubby.

5) And we booked our tickets for the summer holiday.

How about you?


  1. Hi came by to read your Thursday 5 maybe you'll come see me. I am #2 on Mr. Linky at MannLand 5 or http://traci66.blogspot.com
    I also became a follower of your blog.

  2. I am on a Thursday 5 run, and miss my kids taking naps. Naps are the best. Great list!

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