31 May 2010

Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la Chanson

Yes! We won! After 28 years of singing and acting and hoping we have won this song contest again. And it was soooo time! We really deserve this victory!

One of the best results had Stefan Raab (a great German entertainer; he has his own TV show and is hosting many entertaining shows like "Wok WM" and "Schlag den Raab!") performing "Wadde hadde dudde da". Take a look and you will rolling on the floor laughing, a bit embarrassing but he ranked 5th place. Now, he's the manager of this year's winner.

Her name is Lena and this is her performance of "Satellite":

Isn't she cute and damn this song is really great.
After all those embarrassing tries to win over the last years we showed Europe that we are still competitive!

Stefan Raab was so annoyed that no German performance won ever again so he decided to have a casting show and find a new and fresh and very talented person to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Lena won and the public chose the song she sould sing. And everything worked out properly :-)
So hopefully, we don't have to wait that long again to win this contest again...

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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