01 June 2010

Kids and Children

Happy World Children/Kids Day!

D's Godmother just wrote me an email. They induced birth half an hour ago. I am soooo excited now.
The due date was 27th May but she doesn't have enough amniotic fluid anymore and there are few baby movements so they decided to induce.

I really hope she will be well and will be holding her daughter in her arms soon. When they induced her first birth some years ago (she was 17 then) she was in labor for about 3 days until they decided rather to do a c-section. Hopefully, this won't happen again!


I went to the movies yesterday night watching "SatC 2". This movies is awesome! I think it's even better than the first one.
But Charlotte's kid scared me so much. I really do hesitate coz I don't want to have a colicky, I couldn't handle that. But I really loved the "mother talk" of Charlotte and Miranda - they so spoke out of my heart...

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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