11 May 2010

How To Become A Millionaire

So, here I am again. I had a nice weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day - although it rained but we made the best out of it. I did enjoy it very much! Hope you did so as well :-)

Yesterday, we went shopping coz I needed some new shirts. (Never ever go shopping with a 18 months old toddler, this is no fun at all!)
And on our way home there was a great story on the radio. The story was about a woman who got a millionaire - nothing special you might think. But you don't know HOW she got a millionaire... Wanna know?
OK: she embezzled money. Yes. She worked as a self-employed book-keeper at a family business and transfered (*) company money (all in all it was about 1.2 million Euros) on an account of her own to support her family.

Isn't this weird? And clever. She did this for about 15 years - and they just found out now. Really, I like this story. It's perkily and clever but she should have stopped doing this a while ago. Now she probably needs to go to prison just because she couldn't get enough...

But anyway, she's really clever - and I don't want to know how many book-keepers are doing the same thing without getting trapped... And I'm really sorry for the company!

Have a nice day :-)

(*) transfered or transferred? Please help... Thx :-)


  1. Glad you had a good mother's day, I didn't know Germany had the same day as the US for mothers day, it's in March in the UK.

  2. I didn't realize that it's the same day, yet ;-) Mother's Day in Germany is never on the same date so I'm not sure if it's always the same day... I will be more careful next year :-)

  3. Things like that are crazy to me, and I think more people embezzle from their companies than are ever caught. You're right though; the smart ones stop while they're still ahead.


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