12 May 2010

Writer's Workshop - Where are my shoes?

I'm joining in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop again this week. Check out the prompts and join in yourself!

This week I chose prompt No. 2: Where were your shoes? Write about an interesting time when you happened to be barefoot. Begin and end your writing with a description of your feet.

I don't like my feet at all. They are big and slender and if this doesn't it make hard enough to find some nice shoes I also got a hammer toe - horrible feet though.
So some years ago I tried to find some nice shoes for the office, not high-heels but black, simple and comfortable pumps. Easy, you might think. Not at all. Not with my feet. I removed my old sneakers and the sales woman brought me pair of pair but 95% don't fit at all. Somewhen, after what felt like hours, I found a nice pair of black pumps I liked and which did fit very well. I decided to buy them. And as I wanted to put on my sneakers I noticed that they were gone. Yes, gone. Just like that. I was intent upon finding some new shoes that I didn't take care of my sneakers.
I asked the sales woman if she had seen my sneakers but she didn't. I couldn't find them. So some other sales women joined in the search for my sneakers. Somewhen they did find one under a kid's shoe shelf but the second one was gone. I didn't believe that someone hid them. And it was absolutetly impossible that someone stole them coz they were worn out and really old and nothing special.
So as we couldn't find my second sneakers I needed to wear my new pumps to get home. They told me to call me when they found my sneakers.
Some days later I got a call from the sales woman at the shoe shop. They found my second shoe. It was hidden in the second row of a men's shoe shelf. I was soooo glad to have it back coz even if they are worn out you cannot put your favorite shoes away...
We never found out who hid them or why but we thought it was a kid who was bored.
So always take care of your shoes so you'll never stand in a shoe shop with your hammer toe...

Enjoy your day! :-)


  1. I have some of the same issues with shoes. I totally want to wear the fun cute shoes but can't my feet are just too wide.

  2. I am always afraid of that happening at the shoe store!

  3. I can't believe someone hid your shoes! Crazy.

  4. Good advice! I've never even worried before about someone taking (or hiding) my shoes! I hate my feet, too...which is why I didn't chose this prompt! Too chicken to describe them ;)

  5. How bizarre that they just disappeared like that! Good to know you got them back though!


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