18 May 2010

Raised On Rock

Weekend review: Friday - Rock concert; Saturday - sleeping in, having guests; Sunday - ill, sleeping all day

So I will tell you about this rock concert we went to on Friday night. It was the last concert ever of the German rock legends The Scorpions. Hubby used to hear them in his youth and me, too so I ordered the tickets some months ago. There were just a few left so our seats weren't that good but it was OK.
Before the concert we went out to dinner and had some drinks and were quite excited.
The concert started at 7:30 pm with the opening band called Edguy. And damn, they were great! They do Metal and I really love that kind of music. (And I think I'm a bit in love with the singer... *g*)
Then at about 8:45 pm The Scorpions came on stage and started with their program right away. No hello, no nothing. Then, after an hour of rocking they did some interacting with the fans and let us sing quite many songs. This was really fun and we had a blast of time! Their encore was, of course, "Wind of change" - and it was amazing...
They did rock for about 2 hours without a break and they did quite a good job! We had a fantastic time and enjoyed every single minute that night.
Oh BTW: The Scorpions are the one and only German band who got a star at the RockWalk in L.A. :-)

I will calm down myself now hearing the new Edguy album and start preparing myself to get back to work today. I think I'll post about this tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

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