06 May 2010


Sometimes, I want to run away.

Sometimes, I just want to get on a train to nowhere.

Sometimes, everybody annoys me.

Sometimes, everything is too much.

Sometimes, I feel so very lost.

Sometimes, all I want is being on my own.

Sometimes, I want to escape in a dream world.

Sometimes is today...



  1. I know those kind of days, thankfully they are rare for me. I hope you don't feel like that for too long.

    Spring is here so hopefully that will cheer your day - I hope the sun shines for you soon.

  2. You sound so sad. I remember feeling like that at a point in my life. I hope you can get through it and get to a brighter place. I really do.

    I know I'll be thinking of you, Krysten. And wishing hope for you. And that you find a place so lovely that you never want to run away.

  3. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments :-)
    Yes, maybe it's the weather... I know that there will be brighter days but right now the weather fits my mood: greay and rainy days.
    Looking forward to the weekend and try to enjoy every lovely second!


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