26 July 2010

Back To Life

As mentioned, I started working again. It's just a part-time job (25%) so I'm still a SAHM but I am able to meet other people and it's a step back into real life.
I do work in the cafeteria of a home for the aged. It's quite easy and the people are very kind. I need to serve coffee and cakes and - depending on the shift - I do serve their lunch. The elderly people are happy to meet a friendly and young woman and so they are as satisfied as I am.

Serving people is not my profession though. Originally, I did an apprenticeship as clerk in an industrial company. After finalizing my apprenticeship I was employed as financial controller in operative management. I hated this job. It was boring and I needed to bother my colleagues. Data here, numerary there - boooring. I always wanted to work in the marketing or sales department, using my foreign languages which I learned for so long. But I needed to stay in the controlling department.

So when I need to get back to my realy work, to my company after my parental leave I really hope to get a part-time job (50%) in another department.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Kyrsten, I've been praying for you as promised! I hope things are turning around and looking up.

    I am currently working on my blog, but I am leaving you an award in it (once I can post it)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. It's good that you're getting out there and doing something new though lady... There is something to be said for socializing outside the home!


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