22 December 2009

It's Christmas Time

Yes, it's Christmas time… Now, I found my Christmas cheer and I'm glad about that!
Once again, I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, eating a chocolate Santa and enjoy my night. My hubby went out with his guys and D is asleep. Yesterday, I finished most of my Christmas shopping. I just need something for the kids of my cousin which I'll buy tomorrow morning. Hopefully, there are not so many people…
Well, tomorrow it'll be a very calm day. We'll be making up our Christmas tree and cleaning the apartment.
On Thursday, we will visit my parents for exchanging gifts and then I will start cooking. I'm planning a 3-course-menu: First we will have Espresso-Salmon (cured) with creamed horeseradish and baguette. For the main course we'll have Kalbsbraten with Rotkraut and Spätzle. And for dessert I'll bake a chocolate cake. And we'll have sparkling wine with hibiscus flowers.
So we will celebrate Jesus' birth and have a very nice evening. I'm really thankful that we are able to have such a luxury diner and wonderful night. After dinner, we will sing some Christmas carols and unwrap our gifts.
My hubby and me gave us a Wii for Christmas present. So there will be nothing more for us. D will get a parking garage from us. I hope that he likes it… And well, we will see what other gifts there will be.

But well, the most important gift to me is the love of my two men and that we are healthy and having a warm apartment and stuff to eat.

How will you prepare yourself for Christmas Eve?

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