28 December 2009


The Christmas holidays are finally over. Hallelujah!
I'm sooooooo glad that they passed by now. And I'm totally exhausted. I want to sleep the whole day and just move from bed to couch to bed. Nothing else. I don't want to clean up or cook or visit any more people any more. I'm so done with people!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with just the three of us and it was wonderful. We had a nice dinner and got great gifts.
Christmas day, for us it's the first holiday, we were out for lunch with my dad's whole family. This means with his sister and her family. This is a traditions since decades which my grandma set up. After lunch we'll have coffee and cake either at my aunt's or my parents' house. D got presents again and stayed with my parents for the night.
The second holiday (Saturday) we could sleep in and then we cleaned up a bit and I did some ironing (I totally hate this job...). In the afternoon we picked D up and enjoyed the rest of the day.
Sunday, we visited the ILs. It was a nice afternoon until my hubby's godmother and her family came over, too. D's godfather's girlfriend (know who I mean?) is quite stressful and very dominant and always grabs D into her arm. Not asking if it'd be okay and regardless if D doesn't like it. I was glad that my ILs served dinner very soon and we were able to leave. D was so tired from crawling and crotchety. But she always forced (really, there's no other word for it) D to be on her lap or on his godfather's lap. And D just wanted to stay in his dad's arms and lay his head on his shoulder. So I was very happy when we got home.

And if this wasn't enough, we need to visit my hubby's godchild today. Damn, really, I'm so done.
Bed to couch to bed *dreaming*

Hope you had some nice Christmas days and have a wonderful start in a new - and btw last of 2009 - week!

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