21 December 2009

TTMMD: Monday

Today, my Monday post of Things That Make Me Happy will be dropped out. My husband's already on holiday and he hates blogging and posting and all the internet stuff you turn your inside out. So I always post "secretly" means posting when he's not around...
When he's at work there's no prob though. But now I need wait for some right moments. Maybe I won't be here daily and there will be lack of posting. Hope you'll understand. I don't wanna annoy him. Not at Christmas.

As he's visiting his parents with D and I'm already home from shopping - which was horrible this afternoon - I take my time for doing this post.
My best friend and D's godmother is pregnant and will be second time mommy in May. And well, we decided to have a second kid as well and will try to get pregnant within the next year :-))

I try to write some posts and upload them in one of those right moments...

Have a wonderful week - just 3 days until Christmas :-))


  1. My hubby doesn't get the blogging thing, either. I do freelance writing - he doesn't get that, either. :) So, girls like us just have to be more selective about when and where we post, right? :) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...


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